The Windsor Program Awards of Excellence

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spring has been a season of celebration for the Windsor Program. The first graduating class - MEDS 2012, were recognized and honoured through the Charter Class Celebrations and convocation in April and May. And with the summer months almost upon us, the focus of those celebrations has now turned to the educators and administrative staff through the presentation of the Awards of Excellence.

The Awards of Excellence are a continuation and expansion of the former SWOMEN Awards and include the Educator's Award, the Associate Dean's Award and the Learner/Peer Award. Presented annually, the awards will recognize exceptional performance of learners, educators and administrative staff.

The 2012 recipients are all great mentors, exceptional leaders and
dedicated members of the Windsor Program. Dr. Raphael Cheung, Dr. Sheldon Lewis and Michael Farquhar are the Educators' Awards of Excellence in Medical Education recipients. And Kelly Ducharme, Drew Foley and Dr. Dale Ziter are the Associate Deans' Awards of Excellence recipients.

Proudly they accepted their awards on June 5 at the Undergraduate Medical Education retreat; fittingly they were surrounded by their peers to receive the honour.

Stephanie Miskin, Eamonn Rogers and Rahul Sharma are the Learner/Peer Awards of Excellence. They received their awards at the Charter Class celebrations in April.

Associate Dean, Dr. Gerry Cooper, who was instrumental in expanding the awards program believes they are an important element in creating a positive working environment. "We have so many great colleagues who continually step up to help educate our future physicians, says Cooper. "They freely and consistently give extra effort, and they are wonderful role models and they are a delight to work alongside. This is our way of saying thank you for all that they do."