Dr. Bill Clark receives national recognition for his research

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dr. Peter Blake, the Chair of the Division of Nephrology says "it is a great honour for Bill, for our Division, for the Department of Medicine and for Schulich. Remarkably, he is the fourth member of the Division in London to receive this award - predecessors were the late Andrew Lazarovits in the 1990s and more recently Tony Jevnikar and Bob Lindsay. In other words, four of the 17 awards ever given - almost one quarter - have come to London nephrologists. We should be very proud of this."

The award was announced at the Canadian Society of Nephrology meeting in St Johns, Newfoundland, and recognizes Dr. Clark's research in a broad range of areas including myeloma kidney disease, timing of initiation of dialysis, water contamination, and screening strategies for kidney disease. His recent contributions have influenced the practice of nephrology within Canada and internationally. Two of his papers in 2011 were listed as among the 5 most clinically important Nephrology papers of the year by an independent U.S. Medical website. The prestigious journal, Scientific American, have referred extensively to his work in a review of Food Poisoning in the April 2012 issue.

He was a founding member of our Kidney Clinical Research Unit, and has mentored many young researchers. He has been consistently funded for decades by peer reviewed agencies including the Kidney Foundation and CIHR. He is also a passionate fundraiser for the Kidney Foundation.