Distributed Medical Education Network


The Department of Psychiatry promotes academic work, teaching, research and service development modeling - in relation to under-serviced and disenfranchised populations that need mental health services. which builds on the emphasis and strength of Western in promoting health care education, research and service in relation to other communities in Southwestern Ontario as well as Sudbury and other remote and rural communities in Northern Ontario.

Recent Publications for Research

  1. Malla, A., Iyer, S., Shah, J., Joober, R., Boksa, P., Lal, S., ... & Beaton, A. (2019). Canadian response to need for transformation of youth mental health services: ACCESS Open Minds (Esprits ouverts). Early Intervention in Psychiatry, 13(3), 697-706.

  2. Reaume‐Zimmer, P., Chandrasena, R., Malla, A., Joober, R., Boksa, P., Shah, J. L., ... & Lal, S. (2019). Transforming youth mental health care in a semi‐urban and rural region of Canada: A service description of ACCESS Open Minds Chatham‐Kent. Early intervention in psychiatry, 13, 48-55.