Program Information

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Before deciding on applying for a program, you will want to get as much information about it as possible.  You can start here. You might also want to contact a consultant or current resident and talk with them a bit.

How is the program structured?


  • 3 blocks of Ob/Gyn
  • 2 blocks of General Surgery
  • 2 blocks of Internal Medicine
  • 1 block of CCTC
  • 1 block of Emergency
  • 1 block of of NICU
  • 1 block of Psychiary or Anesthesia
  • 1 block of Ambulatory Ob/Gyn
  • 1 block of Elective


  • 10 blocks of Ob/Gyn
  • 3 blocks of Research


  • 6 blocks of Ob/Gyn
  • 2 blocks of ICU
  • 3 blocks of Ob/Gyn in Windsor
  • 2 blocks of Elective


  • 6 blocks of Chief Residency (Red/Blue/Ob)
  • 3 blocks of Gyn Oncoloty
  • 3 blocks of MFM
  • 3 blocks of REI
  • 2 blocks of UroGyn
  • 9 blocks of Electives

Where can I find the learning objectives for each block?

The learning objectives for the program are laid out in the Postgraduate Goals & Objectives Manual.

Is there any help for me to integrate and become familiar with the "rules of the road?"

  • Yes, the day-to-day information necessary to function on the Ob/Gyn Service is laid out in the Residents' Manual. It can be a great help to you. Because it contains some confidential information, it is secure and located in the "Residents: Private" area accessible with login and password only. It will become available to you once you're registered in the program.
  • The Director of the program, Dr. Michel Prefontaine, is very approachable and eager to ensure that all residents succeed in their program.

Is there welcoming information for residents new to London?

Yes, please visit the Residents: Private section of the site. It will be made available to you once you are registered in the program.