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Advancing women's health through patient care, education and research

Promoting the health of women is our life’s work here in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University. We are happy to be able to share with you the scope of our activities and provide you with more information on what we do.

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Dr. Genevieve Eastabrook 

Dr. Eastabrook joined Western’s division of Maternal Fetal Medicine as a clinician-researcher in 2012. As a member of the Pregnancy Research Group, Dr. Eastabrook’s current research focus is on placental dysfunction and cardiovascular maladaptation to pregnancy, particularly within the obese population. Within the Pregnancy Research Group, Dr. Eastabrook conducts clinical research focusing on better identification of maternal risk factors associated with adverse pregnancy outcome, detection of abnormal fetal metabolism and placental function, with the goal to improve pregnancy outcome and long-term consequences of abnormal intrauterine environment such as childhood obesity and diabetes. She is involved with a number of collaborative projects with both basic scientists and clinical researchers, including studies of placental autophagy, maternal cardiac maladaptation to pregnancy, and the roles of decidual natural killer cells and the glycoprotein decorin in pregnancy complications.


Recent Publications

1. The Little Prince: a glimpse into the world of autism?

Lemay JF, Eastabrook G, MacKenzie H. Arch Dis Child. 2017 Nov 14. PMID: 29138132

2. Developmental origins of health and disease: current knowledge and potential mechanisms.

Hoffman DJ, Reynolds RM, Hardy DB. Nutr Rev. 2017 Nov 22. PMID: 29186623


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