Innovations & Research Achievements

Western cements leadership in kidney research with new $3.5M endowed chair


Renowned nephrologist and Schulich Medicine & Dentistry professor emeritus Dr. William F. Clark (centre) is recognized at the naming of a new endowed research chair in his honour. (Photo source: Mac Lai/Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Communications)

Western matched funds raised through the London Health Sciences Foundation and The Kidney Foundation of Canada to create the William F. Clark Chair in Nephrology at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, which will help attract and retain top talent and enhance life-saving bench-to-bedside research. 

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Theranova Dialyzer

In this study, we look at symptom burden using the London Evaluation of illness “LEVIL,” an application based platform where patients can self-report their symptoms with each hemodialysis treatment using an iPad or mobile phone.


The results above show a positive trend in self-reported quality of life while on hemodialysis treatment with the Theranova dialyzer. Before starting on the Theranova dialyzer the patient suffered from poor sleep quality, low energy, and restless legs. After just a few short weeks the patient gradually began to feel better.

Dialysis Tolerability

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain

Our group is testing a new therapy which may protect the brain by priming the body with restrictions in blood flow in the lower leg for a few minutes, administered monthly before dialysis treatment.


The image above shows the results of diffusion tensor imaging before and during hemodialysis. The coloured regions show significant increases in fractional anisotropy (blue), axial diffusivity (yellow), mean diffusivity (green), and radial diffusivity (red). These results are consistent with our hypothesis that deficits in blood flow during hemodialysis are responsible for the abnormalities we have observed previously.

LHSC was Among the First in Canada to Transplant Hepatitis C-Positive Kidneys

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Projects Currently Underway

Under the leadership of Dr. Chris McIntyre, Leukocyte Modulation (LMOD), a modified form of dialysis is being used to tackle the ‘cytokine storm’ associated with COVID-19. Read More


Lawson scientists Drs. Chris McIntyre and Amit Garg are working to change the way we treat kidney failure in the future. They are leading a clinical trial that has the potential to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, the leading cause of death among dialysis patients. Through the MyTEMP study, they are investigating whether personalizing the temperature of dialysis fluid, called dialysate, can protect the heart and brain from injury. Read More

Multi-Organ Transplant Program

Photograph of the transplant team

LHSC’s Multi-Organ Transplant Program (MOTP): a rich history of innovation, bold future ahead. Read More

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Our program's participation in cutting-edge discoveries has led to many transplant "firsts":

  • Transplant Firsts at LHSC
  • First liver transplant in Ontario (1977)
  • University Hospital is chosen as one of the first centres worldwide to begin a clinical study on the new anti-rejection drug, cyclorsporine (1979)
  • First heart transplant in Ontario (1981)
  • Canada's first heart-lung transplant (1983)
  • First pediatric heart transplant in Ontario (1983)
  • First pediatric liver transplant in Ontario (1984)
  • World's first successful liver-bowel transplant (1988)
  • Canada's first "cluster" (liver, bowel, stomach, pancreas) transplant (1990)
  • Canada's first parent-to-child living donor liver transplant (1993)
  • World's youngest multi-organ recipient (1997)
  • Canada's first adult-to-adult living donor liver transplant (2000)
  • First DCD (donation after circulatory death) liver donor in Canada (2006)
  • First DCD pancreas donor in Canada (2008)
  • First pediatric DCD kidney transplant in Canada (2008)
  • Another Canadian first: split pancreas with kidney transplant (2011)
  • 600th heart transplant is done, the most of any Canadian centre (2012)
  • Robotic-assisted, single-incision living donor kidney nephrectomy, first in Canada (2013)


American Society of Nephrology Young Investigator Award

In 2016, Dr. Amit Garg received the Donald W. Seldin Young Investigator Award from the American Society of Nephrology. This award is presented annually to an individual with an outstanding record of achievement and creativity in basic or patient-orientated research related to the functions and diseases of the kidney. This award is co-sponsored by the American Society of Nephrology and the Council on the Kidney in Cardiovascular Disease of the American Heart Association and is limited to individuals who are age 45 or younger on December 31 of the year during which the award is presented.