The Imaging Pathogens for Knowledge Translation (ImPaKT) Facility features barrier-enclosed imaging scanners and instrumentation which will allow researchers to develop tools and methods to better understand the progression of infectious diseases, identify efficacious antimicrobial agents, develop diagnostic reagents to characterize hidden reservoirs of pathogens, and for the early and accurate detection of infections.

The Facility

ImPaKT Facility is a one-of-a-kind facility combining PHAC certified containment level standards (CL2+ and CL3) with advanced in vivo imaging modalities.

Creating a Greater ImPaKT

The Barr Lab: Preventing Pandemics

Stephen Barr, PhD, and his team are defending against emerging pathogens.

The Foster Lab: Imaging the Invisible

Paula Foster, PhD, and her team are tracking and imaging immune cells and disease.

The Heinrichs Lab: Stopping Superbugs

David Heinrichs, PhD, and his team are combatting deadly antibiotic resistant bacteria.

The Prodger Lab: Fighting HIV

Jessica Prodger, PhD, and her team are developing novel ways to prevent HIV transmission.


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