Imaging Equipment

CL2+/CL3 barrier enclosed imaging equipment

3T PER/MR Scanner, MR Solutions

The MR Solutions combination PET/MR system allows for simultaneous, sequential, or independent image.

IVIS Optical Imaging System

The IVIS system is designed for non-invaise imaging of bacteria, viruses, host cells, tissue, and live animals. The IVIS CT system allows for tracking of light-emitting (BLI) or fluorescently-labeled (FLI) microorganisms through the course of infection.

Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT) Imager

MSOT imaging is capable of volumetric, quantitative differentiation of tissue, in vivo and in real time, with and without the application of contrast agents

Multiphoton Microscope

The LaVision Biotech scope is equipped with multiple detectors allowing for simultaneous detection of up to 6 channels, including 2 detectors highly sensitive for detection of far-red wavelengths. The instrument is also equipped with a cloud scanner allowing for efficient excitation with less photo damage, permitting longer imaging at deeper depths.

Synthetic Chemistry Suite

The ImPaKT laboratory has partnered with Lawson Health Research Institute for development for routine generation of radionuclide-labeling of small molecules and antibodies for use in all of the above imaging modalties.