July 9, 2023

Why scientists say wastewater surveillance needs to continue, despite low COVID-19 levels
Practice prepares Canada's health-care system for 'impending wave,' researcher says

June 2, 2023

Behind the Research: Western talks equity and pandemics
President Alan Shepard in conversation with professors Kate Choi and Eric Arts on the social determinants of COVID-19

April 30, 2023

Western researchers join the call for rational discourse to protect vital virus research

March 27, 2023

Western study finds co-infection with ‘superbug’ bacteria increases SARS-CoV-2 replication
The study identifies a common protein from the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria boosts SARS-CoV-2 replication up to 15 times 

March 7, 2023

Western to be part of new Canada research hub for pandemic preparedness
Coalition links universities, hospitals with industry partners

February 20, 2023

To find one of Ontario’s big pandemic wins, just look down your toilet

January 23, 2023

CBC Newsroom: HIV Vaccine Trial

January 10, 2023

Western research leads to new understanding of how HIV hides itself in the body 
Identifying a specific protein's role in HIV latency may lead to more effective therapies 

December 27, 2022

The COVID-19 virus keeps evolving. These 'disease detectives' are on the case
Researchers look for mutations in the virus's genetic code that might offer a growth advantage

December 12, 2022

Saksida and Arts: Invest in research on long COVID now
The consequences of long COVID are likely to be profound and potentially more costly than the acute infection itself. So we must also continue work on avoiding the illness in the first place.

November 21, 2022

Western University is building Canada's secret weapon against the next pandemic
London, Ont., will be home to the world's first modular biocontainment Level 3 lab

In wake of key COVID work, Western University superlab eyes $30M expansion

November 16, 2022

Western’s ImPaKT facility gets $16M from feds for pandemic research
Funds will help Schulich Medicine & Dentistry expand biocontainment infrastructure to research virus spread, expand COVID-19 research

October 24, 2022

COVID-19 in London wastewater stable but new variant detected
COVID-19 levels in London’s sewage are significant and expected to rise this fall and winter, Western University researchers say, as the Omicron subvariant behind the summer case spike remains the dominant strain in the region.

October 22, 2022

New immune-evasive Omicron strains are coming. Is Canada ready?
Subvariants could further strain Canada’s struggling health-care system as flu returns 

September 17, 2022

For virus tracking, wastewater is liquid gold. Scientists hope that work isn't flushed away
Scientists want to scale up global sewage surveillance, as others fear funding may be insecure post-pandemic

August 11, 2022

Canada to start testing some wastewater for polio 'as soon as possible'
Wastewater tests will focus on 'key high-risk municipalities,' says Public Health Agency of Canada

July 22, 2022

COVID wastewater signals rising at nine GTA plants as Ontario’s summer wave may be nearing peak
The Star’s signal map uses data sourced from each GTA public health unit and pulled into one location, showing trends in sewersheds or wastewater catchment areas.

July 7, 2022

Western partners with Ugandan research centre to help address global health challenges
A new strategic partnership between Western and the Joint Clinical Research Centre (JCRC) in Kampala, Uganda, establishes a long-term commitment for research collaboration to address the world’s most challenging global health issues.

April 25, 2022

Inside the London biosafety lab where COVID is studied
Western University researchers doing everything from wastewater surveillance to COVID-19 antibody studies are offering a rare glimpse of a closed-door facility that’s been a key weapon in the pandemic fight.

March 23, 2022

Ontario wastewater testing shows 'sustained increase' in COVID-19 rates
Public health officials tracking prevalence of COVID-19 through municipal wastewater testing say they're seeing a "sustained increase" in the viral signal in a variety of locations across Ontario, a sign that the number of cases are on the rise.

March 10, 2022

High but stable levels of COVID-19 detected in Toronto wastewater as province drops mask mandate
With limited PCR testing, wastewater surveillance has become Ontario’s best tool to track cases.

February 26, 2022

Canada's abandoning of COVID-19 testing leaves us vulnerable to future variants, experts say
Lack of PCR testing hinders variant surveillance, hides true level of spread

January 19, 2022

COVID-19 wastewater data suggests London, Ont. past the peak of Omicron
For most of the pandemic, researchers at Western University have been tracking the viral load of SARS-CoV-2 excreted in the feces of infected individuals by sampling from London’s five wastewater treatment plants.

January 7, 2022

Why testing sewage for COVID-19 could be more useful than ever
What wastewater surveillance can — and can't — tell us, and why only some provinces are using the data

January 5, 2022

Ontario's case numbers 'don't reflect reality' of who has COVID, virus expert says
Incidence of the virus found through wastewater testing is likely a better indicator, research chair says

Canada is flying blind with Omicron as COVID-19 testing drops off a cliff
Hospitalizations, positive-test rates and wastewater can help track spread

January 1, 2022

When will the COVID-19 pandemic end? Past diseases, and how they played out, offer some clues
Experts agree it’s tough to predict the year ahead, but they can offer up some of their hopes and fears, and lessons from past pandemics.

December 30, 2021

This Swiss research adds to the reasons you should be leery of negative rapid test results
The new data suggests the sensitivity of rapid antigen tests drops to about 50 per cent on average when it comes to detecting early onset cases of Omicron when carriers are most infectious.

December 29, 2021

Omicron not showing up in wastewater like Delta, despite surging cases
Wastewater testing in London is showing unexpectedly lower levels of virus despite an Omicron surge that drove the local and provincial case counts to new single-day records Wednesday, Western University researchers say.

Ontario reports pandemic high of 10,436 new COVID-19 cases, jump in hospitalizations
726 patients with COVID-19 being treated in hospitals, up from 420 last Wednesday

December 21, 2021

Eight ways Omicron changes what you thought you knew about COVID-19
Can a rapid test tell me if I got COVID-19 at that party?

December 20, 2021

Why your negative rapid test doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe to go to that holiday dinner
With rapid COVID-19 tests, a positive is a positive but a negative result one day is not a guarantee you don’t have the virus, or won’t spread it to others at a later date, experts caution.

Ontario reports 3,784 new cases; Omicron now the dominant COVID strain in U.S.; Quebec to close bars, theatres, gyms
Meanwhile, Ontario has requested four million doses of Pfizer from the federal government for January, which have yet to be approved.

August 30, 2021

With the rise of Delta, are vaccines still enough to end the pandemic?
As frustration with the unvaccinated rises, experts admit that uncertainty is part of COVID-19 life

June 21, 2021

ImPaKT team expands COVID-19 research to target variants of concern

World-class researchers working to re-engineer vaccine to protect against current, emerging variants.

April 01, 2021

An early warning system: Testing wastewater for COVID-19
Western engineer leads a study collecting wastewater samples from a number of strategic locations in London, Ont. and analyzed at Western’s ImPaKT Facility.

March 10, 2021

COVID-19 one year later: A Western virologist reflects on the pandemic
Western molecular virologist Stephen Barr looks back on the year as the world marks the anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic.

February 28, 2021

Why AstraZeneca vaccine approval in Canada may open more doors
Advantages to having multiple vaccines available, doctors say

February 12, 2021

When the next pandemic hits, scientists aim to have a vaccine already. Here's how
Researchers are trying to develop more universal vaccines to be ready for the next coronavirus

December 1, 2020

Antiviral Additive Reportedly Kills Coronavirus on Plastics in Auto Interiors
In response to COVID-19, automotive Tier 1 molder and compounder CpK has developed an antiviral additive for auto interiors and other applications.

July 9, 2020

Researchers make first steps toward a cure for HIV
Researchers have developed a way to pull HIV out of the latent reservoir making the virus visible to the immune system and providing the potential to be killed by treatment.

March 23, 2020

Drug strategies to fight COVID-19 move beyond guesses
3 main ways antivirals could mitigate infection

March 19, 2020

Western University researchers begin work on developing a COVID-19 vaccine
A team of Western University researchers has begun work on creating a vaccine for the devastating novel coronavirus.

November 30, 2019

Treating HIV-positive babies soon after birth could improve chances for a healthy life, study suggests
Canadian scientists involved in research into treating infants within days or even hours of birth

July 29, 2019

Top lab to make an ImPaKT on pathogens
For the first – and only – time, the public stepped inside an advanced containment facility which will soon be home to Western’s world-renowned infectious diseases research teams.

Western unveils research lab to study deadly viruses
Researchers will be able to study infectious pathogens like HIV, West Nile, and Zika

April 25, 2019

Researchers discover another way HIV can spread among drug users
In two studies, published in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (JAIDS) on Thursday, researchers from Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University in London, Ont., show that hygienic needle or syringe habits may not be enough to protect people who inject drugs.