Someone looking at a watch with COVID-19 image floating around

COVID-19 Initiative

The ImPaKT Facility is the site of critical research initiatives being undertaken by the Western COVID-19 research team. The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and teams across Western University are mobilizing the capabilities and tools found within ImPaKT to partner with fellow researchers and potential corporate partners to help in the fight against the novel Coronavirus.

How can ImPaKT help?

ImPaKT is a 5200 square foot facility featuring both Containment Level 2 enhanced (CL2) and Containment Level 3 (CL3) laboratory suites. Within the facility, we are able to process COVID 19 samples, directly culture and propagate viral cultures, perform infected cell imaging, validate sterilization techniques, and test viral inhibition strategies. The CL3 lab is also well equipped with animal housing to support small animal models and provide imaging.

If you are interested in collaborating with ImPaKT please complete the form below. All submissions will be reviewed by the Western COVID-19 project team.

ImPaKT was designed to be a place that encourages and fosters collaboration with the scientific community.