March 2017 Newsletter

    • decorative imageA Q&A with Andrew Watson
      From Zoology to Obstetrics, Andrew Watson, PhD, discusses the trajectory of his career, his research on early embryos, and offers advice to graduate trainees looking for pathways beyond their studies.

    • decorative imageThe value of a graduate trainee
      You may be an experienced learner with years of research work under your belt, but do you know your worth in the lab? Tomi Nano, Chair of the Graduate Student Council, discusses.

    • decorative imageEnding the epidemic
      Contributing to the fight against HIV, Jamie Mann, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, is now working to develop an HIV vaccine in hopes that one day a cure will be found.

    • decorative imageDiving deeper into public health
      Interested in exploring issues like suicide prevention, Indigenous health and health care in northern rural communities, Melissa Fernandes, Master's of Public Health candidate, aims to turn theory into practice when returning to her in the Student Wellness Centre.

    • decorative imageEmbracing the 'gross' side of pathology
      While some may shy away from working with cadavers and performing gross examinations on human tissues or organs, Terry Lee Robins, a Master of Clinical Sciences-Pathologists' Assistant Candidate, relishes the opportunity.

    • decorative imageThe Three Minute Thesis competition is heating up
      Hinissan Pascaline Kohio,Tamara Tavares, Shane Smith, Janice Gomes, Nileeka Balasuriya, Aymon Ali, Divy Kochar and Rebecca Kozak will move on to the next round of the 3MT competition on Monday, March 20.

    • Brainhack Western 2017
      Bringing together dozens of researchers, students and faculty members, this year's Brainhack Western event tested participants to develop innovative solutions to emerging issues in neuroimaging and neuroscience over the span of 48 hours.

    • Celebrating our Achievements
      Congratulations to Alexander Moszczynski, Patrick McCunn, Tomi Nano, Justin Michael, Terenz Escartin, Ashley Hannon, Solmaz Karamdoust, Hinissan Pascaline Kohio, Tamara Tavares, Shane Smith, Janice Gomes, Nileeka Balasuriya, Aymon Ali, Divy Kochar and Rebecca Kozak on their recent achievements.

    • Global Health Conversations Series to resume on March 22
      Former Rwandan Minister of Health and Education, Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryayo, PhD, will be visiting Schulich Medicine & Dentistry on March 22 to present a lecture on the health care landscape of Rwanda and how he helped establish a new insurance system.

    • London Health Research Day
      Guest registration for London Health Research Day is now open. Join trainees from across the city on March 28 to see all the health research being conducted in London.

    • Top Stories from February 2017 Current Affairs
      Did you miss the February 2017 issue of Current Affairs? Read the top stories on mental health care in Canada, the changing state of biomedical research and how to help those struggling with mental illness.