Graduate Students Council

The Graduate Students Council represents a common space for all Schulich Medicine & Dentistry students, and can act as a voice to help mediate discussion between departments, students and administration.

Current Members

Allison Dilliott Chair
Niveen Fulcher Vice Chair
Paige Eansor Anatomy and Cell Biology
Kelly Baines Anatomy and Cell Biology
Cory Lefebvre MD/PhD
Madeleine Van de Kleut Biomedical Engineering
Alex Bi Epidemiology and Stats
Irene Jeong Epidemiology and Stats
Anmoal Kaur Gill Masters of Public Health
Justin Okeke Masters of Public Health
Lauren Smith Medical Biophysics
Yodit Tesfagioris Microbiology and Immunology
Carol Ma Physiology & Pharmacology
Carlene Cihosky Physiology & Pharmacology
Rabia Gill Pathology and Lab Medicine
Nick Handfield Jones Neuroscience
Rachel Kelly Biochemistry