Digital Media Student Intern

We are looking for highly motivated, energetic, and enthusiastic students with skills and interests in e-learning to assist our faculty in moving content online for the Fall semester. This 3-4 month summer internship is open to undergraduate, graduate, medical, and dental students; the time committment is expected to be 35 hours per week, work will be done remotely and/or occasionally on-campus depending on the A-V material being produced. Please see the Internship Position Details for further details. If you have further questions, you may direct them to Janelle Pritchard, Manager Graduate Studies:


  • Deadline to apply: CLOSED
  • Application process: online form below, all fields are required.
  • Transcripts: Not required at this time.
  • References: Students may be required to provide a reference.  The committee will communicate this with candidates directly.
  • Interview: This may be required, and only candidates being considered for the internship will be contacted directly (by email). Please provide your UWO email address in the form below.
  • Notifications: All students who have received the internship have now been notified by email (emails sent June 7 & 8th). Thank you for your interest in the internship-this is now closed.
  • Preference for undergraduate studentspreference given to students entering their 4th year or who have just graduated from 4th year. 
  • Intership amount for duration: $5625.00