Strong Bones Strong Minds Strong Muscles


Strong Bones, Strong Minds, Strong Muscles (SBSMSM) is a program organized by graduate students in the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. Our mandate is to deliver science and research awareness to the community, in order to bridge the gap between researchers and the public. 

The name Strong Bones, Strong Minds, Strong Muscles reflects our desire to empower the community to engage in healthy behaviours and to expand knowledge across the lifespan by raising awareness of and interest in science and research.

Getting Involved:

There are lots of ways you can get involved. You may also email find out more about volunteer opportunities, please see the subcomittee links below:


    • The Retiring with Strong Minds subcommittee organizes monthly graduate student research talks at retirement homes and community centres throughout London. This program provides Western graduate students the opportunity to interact with older adults within the community and practice educating the public about their research.
    • The Be Al U Ca-N B subcommittee hosts science demonstrations at local elementary schools. These activities connect Western graduate students with tomorrow’s scientists and encourage the development of scientists from a young age.
    • The Raising Hope Through Science subcommittee organizes science-themed crafting activities for children at the Children’s Hospital in London. These activities provide a rich and enjoyable environment for paediatric patients, while also supporting families. It also provides graduate students the opportunity to connect with hospital staff.