November 2017 newsletter

    • decorative imageFostering young minds in the lab
      It's not just scientific research Zia Khan, PhD, is conducting in his lab. Stressing the importance of teaching graduate trainees the 'ropes' of research, he says he aims to produce 'super minion' scientists.

    • decorative imageTurning personal experience into a bustling career
      Luz Saavedra Valdemar is passionate about creating accessible health care in her home country of Mexico. Through the Master of Public Health program she hopes to learn new approaches to combating barriers to care.

    • decorative imageBeyond the Bench - November 2017
      Winter break is quickly approaching and many people will soon be wrapping up their first semester studies. From conferences to lab outings, check out what your colleagues and graduate trainees have been up to this month.

    • decorative imageLeaders in Innovation Dinner Photo Gallery
      V. Wee Yong, PhD, was honoured as the 2017 recipient of the J. Allyn Taylor International Prize in Medicine at the Leaders in Innovation Dinner. Ann and Mitt Romney also joined as special guests to discuss Ann's battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

    • decorative imagePolanyi Prize Recognizes Scholar’s Imaging Work
      Sarah Svenningsen, PhD, post-doctoral fellow at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and McMaster University, received the John Charles Polanyi Prize, for her work using medical imaging technology as a potential treatment tool for asthma.

    • decorative imageProfiles of Excellence: Multiple Sclerosis Researchers
      Dr. Sarah Morrow, Ravi Menon, PhD, and Steven Kerfoot, PhD, are leading the way in Multiple Sclerosis research.

    • decorative imageLet's talk: Mental health resources
      Mental Health services are available on campus for those in need of assistance. Walk-in crisis support is also offered from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in Room 11 of the UCC Building.

    • decorative imageIn the News: Concussion Research
      Concussion research projects led by Drs. Douglas Fraser and Michael Strong, as well as Ravi Menon, PhD, and Kathryn Manning, PhD Candidate, were highlighted this month by The Globe and Mail and Neurology.

    • Celebrating your achievements - November
      Congratulations to Tanusree Saha, Rohan Sachal, Mary Ellen Sellers and many more on their accomplishments.

    • New genetic marker uncovered for neurodevelopmental disorders
      Jamie Kramer, PhD, assistant professor at Western’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, has discovered a new syndrome characterized by a mutation in a gene called KMT2C.

    • Why 3D lung imaging matters
      Grace Parraga, PhD, and her team at Robarts are featured in a video produced by the Canadian Lung Association. The video highlights their work in lung imaging and its significance for asthma and COPD patients.

    • Scientists take part in Reddit AMA
      Drs. Greg Gloor, Gregor Reid, Jeremy Burton and Jean Macklaim participated in a Science AMA (Ask Me Anything) Series following the publication of their “The Gut Microbiota of Healthy Aged Chinese Is Similar to That of the Healthy Young” study.

    • Martin Chalfie, PhD, to deliver 2017 Paterson Lecture
      Martin Chalfie, PhD, will be speaking about “Guarantor Transcription Factors in Cell Differentiation” at the 2017 Paterson Lecture.

    • Dr. Margaret Chan delivers Dean's Distinguished Lecture on Global Public Health
      Conducting an hour long lecture on Global Public Health, Dr. Margaret Chan discussed her motivations, what she believes is on the horizon for public health and career.

    • Top Stories - October 2017
      Did you miss the October 2017 issue of Current Affairs? Read the top stories on cannabis research, CRISPR and health inequities among marginalized populations.