Patient Partner Program & Brown Bag Lunch Seminar Series



We Are Seeking Patient Partners!




Are you interested in learning about the work of family physicians, the practice of family medicine, and the organization of primary care? CSFM is looking for volunteers to join our patient partner program, learn about ongoing research and become members of the research project teams. 

Please see our Patient Partner Recruitment Flyer available for distribution!

Who Are We?
The Centre for Studies in Family Medicine (CSFM) is a research centre situated in the Department of Family Medicine at Western University. We work to improve the health and care of patients and the population. 


What to Expect
Patient partners can expect to participate in an orientation, the Brown Bag Seminar series, and potentially support future CSFM research projects. The Brown Bag Seminar series is held monthly for one hour (online) and will highlight cuannrrent and pled research projects at CSFM.


 PPP Map

How to Apply:

Please complete the following brief survey to ensure you are eligible and register your interest.

Note: if you have any trouble accessing the link, please email or call Leslie at (519)661-2111 x22012.

Someone from the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine (CSFM) will be in touch to discuss the opportunity.

Please Note : We are limited in the number of people we can take!

Apply if you are:

• 18 years and older

• A Resident of Ontario Health West Region (see map)

• Conversant in English

• Available for work-day meetings

Please Note: Current faculty, staff and trainees of the Department of Family Medicine, and practicing family physicians are not eligible for the program. 

2024 Brown Bag Lunch Seminar Series Dates

Date Time Presenter Title
17-Jan-2024 12-1pm Wendy Blunt "HealtheSteps®: Delivery and Results of a Virtual Healthy Lifestyle Counselling Program delivered by Medical and Allied Health Students to At-Risk Adults"
21-Feb-2024 12-1pm

Jane Thornton /

Jenna Schulz

  • "Patient centred Medicine in the world of performance sport – why we need the athlete voice in injury and illness prevention research more than ever"
  • "Are female athlete health needs being assessed and addressed in pre-participation examinations? A Scoping Review"
20-Mar-2024 12-1pm Alexandria Ratzki-Leewing "How Real are Real-World Data? The Case of Hypoglycemia"
17-Apr-2024 12-1pm Graham Reid "Mental Health Walk-In Clinics for Children and Families"
19-Jun-2024 12-1pm Shannon Sibbald "Chronic Disease Management in Primary Care: Supporting Success and Sustainability"

2023 Brown Bag Lunch Seminar Series Dates

Date Time Presenter Title
19-Apr-2023 12-1pm Judith Belle Brown "Factors Influencing Family Physicians’ Decision-Making Process to Practice Comprehensive Care"
17-May-2023 12-1pm Yasaman Yazdani "Predictors of COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptability Among Refugees and Other Migrant Populations: A Systematic Scoping Review"
21-Jun-2023 12-1pm Jennifer Xiao /         Maria Mathews "Comprehensive Practice Among Western University Family Medicine Graduates: A Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Analysis"
13-Sept-2023 12-1pm Maria Mathews "Implementing Pandemic Plans in Primary Care"
18-Oct-2023 12-1pm Evelyn Vingilis "COVID-19 and Road Safety: What Happened on Ontario Roads"?
15-Nov-2023 12-1pm Bridget Ryan "Safeguarding Compassion in Family Physician Virtual Care"
20-Dec-2023 12-1pm Cathy Thorpe "Meaningful Involvement of Family Physicians in Health System Design and Implementation" and  "The Impact of COVID-19 on the Training and Practice Choices of Early Career Family Physicians"