Graduate Education


Masters of Clinical Science

The program of study leads to a Master of Clinical Science (MClSc) degree in Family Medicine. This degree attracts family physicians anticipating an academic career in a university setting, junior faculty wanting to improve academic skills, or practicing family physicians upgrading skills in order to teach or contribute to research in their own community setting. Physicians have also taken the program for mid-career rejuvenation.

The course of study is designed to fit the needs of the individual student and utilizes the broad range of academic and research expertise of the faculty. The program is offered as both a part-time and full-time program. 

PhD in Family Medicine

The program of study will lead to a PhD in Family Medicine. This degree will attract family physicians anticipating a research career in family medicine.

The main goal of the PhD is to produce family physicians who will be competitive family medicine researchers at the highest levels of grantsmenship internationally. The discipline of family medicine from a research perspective is at a critical juncture and in order to ensure the future of family medicine research PhD trained family physicians are fundamental.

  • Understand the theoretical foundations of Family Medicine.
  • Design and conduct research relevant to significant issues in the discipline of Family Medicine.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the advancement of knowledge in the discipline of Family Medicine.

For more information visit Family Medicine Graduate Program or contact:

Judith Belle Brown, PhD
t. 519.661.2111 x 22054
Liz McInnis
Graduate Program Coordinator
t. 519.61.2111 x 80119