Affiliations & Activites

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The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry has identified the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine as providing research strength in the areas of Maternal, Child and Family and the emerging priority of Health Services Research.

The Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging

The Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging is located at 1490 Richmond St, under the medical direction of Dr. Rob Petrella. and includes over 75 researchers, staff and trainees. It is a research and community centre, affiliated with the Lawson Research Institute of St. Joseph Hospital and the Faculty of Kinesiology and the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western with a focus on the needs of the aging geriatric population and of those requiring rehabilitation.

The Centre not only continues to be a leader in aging, rehabilitation and geriatric care, but benefits individuals cared for within Parkwood Institute, Main Building and those still in their homes. The Centre has become a model of clinical research integration within the healthcare system.

The Population and Community Health Unit

The Population and Community Health Unit engages in epidemiological, analytical and evaluative research and health data collection. The unit focuses on a population health approach with a special interest in the communities of London and Southwest Ontario using health prevention and health promotion principles.

Southwest Ontario Region:

The Centre for Studies in Family Medicine and the Southwest Region of the Ontario College of Family Physicians have established a Primary Care Partnership. The Partnership allows research to be conducted through a network of over 1100 family physicians in the Southwest Region of Ontario.

The Family Medicine Research and Education Network (FERN) is a program consisting of an on-line network of family physicians in Southwestern Ontario. It provides an electronic forum for discussion, education and research.

National Activities:

  • Capacity-building in research
  • Ensuring patient-centred competencies
  • Bringing a family medicine and population perspective to diabetes care delivery and surveillance

International Activities: