Cathy Thorpe, MA

Research Associate - Senior Manager for the Centre

Research Interests / Specializations: Facilitates research activities and is responsible for administrative issues related to the Centre.
PHFM 2145
519.661.2111 X22055

Brooke Bliss, BScFN

Research Assistant, LIfestyle Research Team

PHFM 2130
519.661.2111 X21129

Wendy Blunt, MPH

Lifestyle Research Team

PHFM 2116

Kim Champion

Administrative Assistant, Research Dissemination & Office Coordinator

PHFM 2138
519.661.2111 X22059

Madelyn daSilva, BHSc

Project Coordinator

PHFM 2122
519.661.2111 X22084

Cristian Dihel, MSc

Research Associate - Clinical Trials, Lifestyle Research Team

PHFM 2100
519.661.2111 X22128

Matthew DiNunzio, BSc

Research Assisant, LIfestyle Research Team

PHFM 2120A (i)

Jim Esler, MA

Research Technician, Diabetes Alliance

PHFM 2132
519.661.2111 X22048

Priya Garg, B. Physiotherapy, MClSc

Project Coordinator, TUTOR

PHFM 2137
519.661.2111 X22089

Dawn Gill, PhD

Scientist & Research Manager, Lifestyle Research Team

Research Interests / Specializations: Health promotion and chronic disease prevention across the life course: epidemiology and quantative methods; randomized controlled trials involving lifestyle interventions.
PHFM 2124
519.661.2111 X20658

Evelyn Levy

Administrative Assistant

PHFM 2149A
519.661.2111 X22133

Mauricio Marin, BScN (RN), MN (NP-PHC), CDE, CRCPC

Clinical Trials Program Contact, Diabetes Alliance

PHFM 2015B
519.661.2111 X20042

Leslie Meredith, MEd

Manager, Primary Health Care System Program

PHFM 2136
519.661.2111 X22012

Sue Miner

Clinical Trials Research Assistant, Diabetes Alliance

PHFM 2015A
519.661.2111 X22058

Marnie Orcutt, BA

Research Assistant, Diabetes Alliance

PHFM 2013
519.661.2111 X22225

Brendan Riggin, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate & Project Coordinator, Lifestyle Research Team

Research Interests / Specializations: Corporate social responsibility; social impact of sport.
PHFM 2131
519.661.2111 X22124

Jane Seeley, BA

Project Coordinator, Population and Community Health Unit

PHFM 2115
519.858.5063 x1

Louise Vancer

Clinical Trials Dietician

Susan Webster-Bogaert, BSc, (KIN), MA

Research Associate-Finance Manager, Diabetes Alliance