Dr. Robert Petrella Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Book Chapters

  • Anthropometry in aged 55-75 year olds in response to exercise. Stuckey MI, Chudyk AM, Petrella RJ.; 2012. In: Handbook of Anthropometry: Physical measures of human form in health and disease. Victor R Preedy (Ed).  Springer; New York, NY. 2012. Chapter 5. pp. 1903-1936.
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  • Rural HealtheSteps: Exercise Rx. In: Casebook on Use of Intervention Evidence in Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention. Petrella R, Cook S, Mairs K. Public Health Agency of Canada. March 2015; Section 3, pp. 21-25. Cat: HP35-54/2015E-PDF; ISBN: 978-1-100-25745-7; Pub: 140479.

Letters to the Editor

DeCaria J, Petrella RJ, Wolfe D, Chesworth B, Montero-Odasso M. Effect of intra-articular hyaluronic acid on gait variability in older adults with knee osteoarthritis. Letter to the Editor. 2011 May, 59. (5): p.949-951