Dr. Carol Herbert Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Letters to the Editor

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  • Herbert CP, Rosser W. Growing Primary Care Research Worldwide. [e-letter] TRACK discussion, Annals of Fam Med 31 Jan 2019.  

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  • Herbert CP. Patient-centredness is essential to correct diagnosis. [e-letter] TRACK discussion on "Solving the Diagnostic Challenge: A Patient-Centered Approach" Donner-Banzhoff, Annals of Family Medicine 25 July 2018. 16:353-358. doi:10.1370/afm.2264

  • Herbert CP. Unspoken communication. (response to Parentheses, CMAJ). 23 Jan 2018. 

  • Armstrong P, Herbert CP. Investing in Research is the Best Way to Create an Innovative Economy. Op-ed in Globe & Mail.  7 Aug 2017. (French version in La Presse. 19 Aug 2017) 

Book Chapters

  • Strasser RP, Herbert CP, Ventres WB. Learning in Urban and Rural Communities in A Practical Guide for Medical Teachers, (ed) John Dent, Ronald Harden, Dan Hunt, Elsevier Press, 2021; 480 pp. Chapter 12, pp. 91-98. ISBN 978-07020-8170-5

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