Dr. Carol Herbert Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Letters to the Editor

  • Herbert CP. Unspoken communication. (response to Parentheses, CMAJ). 23 January 2018. 

  • Paul Armstrong and Carol P. Herbert. Investing in Research is the Best Way to Create an Innovative Economy. Op-ed in Globe & Mail.  7 Aug 2017. (French version in La Presse. 19 Aug 2017)  

  • Herbert CP.  Engaging family physicians in health care change: necessary even though not sufficient. [eletter] (TRACK discussion on “Perspectives in Primary Care: Values-Driven Leadership is essential in Health Care. Annals of Family Medicine 14 December 2015.13:512-513doi:10.1370/afm.1877  

  • Herbert CP. EMRs are essential for accountability and quality improvement – rapid response to “Horses and buggies have some advantages over cars but no one is turning back.” [eletter] Canadian Family Physician, 14 May 2015.  

  • Brown JB, Fluit M, Herbert CP, Lent B. Is the Culture of Surgery Still a Gender Issue: The Authors Respond.  Canadian Journal of Surgery 2013 Dec; 56(6): E171-172.  

  • Herbert CP. The Price of False Beliefs: the importance of the denominator. [eletter] (TRACK discussion on “The Price of False Beliefs: Unrealistic Expectations as a Contributor to the Health Care Crisis") Annals of Family Medicine, 18 November, 2012.  

  • Herbert CP. The Family Doctor as Scholar [eletter]. Canadian Family Physician, 13 June 2012.  

  • Herbert CP. Overgeneralizing from limited data? [eletter] Invited commentary, (TRACK discussion on “How the Medical Culture Contributes to Coworker-Perpetrated Harassment and Abuse of Family Physicians”) Annals of Family Medicine, March 13, 2012.

Book Chapters

  • Paul Allison, Jean Gray, Carol Herbert, Louise Nasmith, Christian Naus, Sioban Nelson, and Catharine Whiteside. Caring for Health in Reflections of Canada: illuminating our opportunities and challenges at 150+ years, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies 2017,ed. Philippe Tortell, Margot Young and Peter Nemetz, pp. 57-62.

  • Walpole Island First Nation Heritage Centre Team: Jacobs D, White D, Williams NC, Williams R, UWO Ecosystem Health Research Team: Bend J, Corbett B, Darnell R, Herbert CP, Hill J, Koren G, Rieder M, Schoeman K, Stephens C, Trick C, VanUum S. Health Risk of the Walpole Island First Nation Community from Exposure to Environmental Contaminants: a Community-Based Research Project. In Aboriginal Policy Research: Health and Well-Being, 2011: Volume IX,  Edited by White JP, Peters J, Dinsdale P and Beavon D. Thompson Educational Publishing, Inc, Toronto, 244 pp. Chapter 4, pp. 49-55.