Patient-Centred Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method (3e)

Patient-Centred Medicine: Transforming the Cinical Method 3rd editionBy: Moira Stewart, Judith Belle Brown, Wayne W Weston, Ian R McWhinney, Carol L McWilliam, Thomas R Freeman.

This long awaited 3rd edition fully illuminates the patient-centered model of medicine, continuing to provide the foundation for the Patient-Centered Care series. It redefines the principles underpinning the patient-centered method using four major components – clarifying its evolution and consequent development – to bring the reader fully up-to-date.

By examining and evaluating both qualitative and quantitative research, including reviews and recent studies, the book offers an invaluable compendium of relevant education literature and methods.

Illustrating patient-centered concepts through case studies, Patient-Centered Medicine provides clear, inspirational messages about the instrumental role of patient-centered clinical care for both students and clinicians in all healthcare environments.