Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Patient-Centred Approach

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Patient-Centred ApproachBy Campbell Murdoch and Harriet Denz-Penhey, 2002

Series Editors: Moira Stewart, Judith Belle Brown, and Thomas R. Freeman, 2002

Chronic fatigue syndrome is an illness that affects millions of people all over the world and has caused enormous controversy wherever people have been affected. This book examines the validity of chronic fatigue syndrome and explores the problems faced in addressing this illness. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome demonstrates how the patient-centered clinical method can assist clinicians to learn how to diagnose this complex psychological disorder. It addresses the central concern of the patient and their experience of illness in addition to the biomedical issues of care. It provides patient-centered perspectives as an approach to better understanding of the symptoms of the condition, its origins, consequences and meanings for the patient, and its management. This book will be an important resource for family doctors, psychologists, specialists in rheumatology, and all professionals in primary health care teams.