Graham Reid PhD

Image PlaceholderAssociate Professor
Departments of Psychology/Family Medicine

Office: PHFM 2103
Phone: 519.661.2111 X84677

Dr. Graham Reid is a clinical psychologist and Associate Professor in Psychology, Family Medicine, and Paediatrics at Western University. He holds a Scientist appointment with the Children’s Health and Lawson Health Research Institutes. Dr. Reid has two programs of research: (1) access and use of health and mental-health services for children and youth; (2) pediatric sleep problems. Within these two research areas there are two cross-cutting themes: primary health care, and measure development.

Within the health service use theme, topics include help-seeking, and examining patterns of service use and transition to adult care. within the pediatric sleep theme, topics include parenting, outcomes, and predictors of sleep problems, development and testing interventions for sleep problems, and most recently napping among preschool-age children.

His experience with training programs includes being one of the original 21 developers of TUTOR-PHC (Transdisciplinary Understanding and Training on Research – Primary Health Care), which has trained over 200 researchers, clinicians, and decision makers in Primary Health Care and interdisciplinary research since 2002.

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