NAPCRG 40th Annual General Meeting December 1 to 5 2012

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Many of the faculty and staff from the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine attended and presented at the 40th Annual NAPCRG (North American Primary Care Research Group) Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Plenary Session

A Vision for a Knowledge Base for Family Medicine: 1972-82. Dr. Carol P Herbert

Oral Presentations

  1. The Ecology of Health Care in Canada. Bridget Ryan, Moira Stewart
  1. Teaching Primary Care Obstetrics: Family Physicians' Insights and Recruitment Recommendations. Sudha Koppula, Judith Belle Brown, John M. Jorda
  1. Estimating the Prevalence of Neuropathic Pain in a Primary Care Electronic Medical Record Database. Joshua Shadd, Bridget Ryan, Scott McKay, Heather Maddocks
  1. Understanding Compassion in Family Medicine: A Qualitative Study. Jane Uygur, Judith Belle Brown, Carol Herbert
  1. Realist Review Methodology to Assess Complexity in Primary Healthcare Research and Practice. Justin Jagosh, Ann Macaulay, Jon Salsberg, Paula Bush, Pierre Pluye, Carol Herbert, Trish Greenhalgh, Geoff Wong, Margaret Cargo, Lawrence Green, Sarena Seifer
  1. Assessment Oriented Process Evaluation of Ontario QIIP Learning Collaboratives. Jyoti Kotecha, Han Han, Brian Hutchison, Susan Webster-Bogaert, Jann Paquette-Warren, Mike Green, Stewart Harris, Richard Birtwhistle
  1. Family Medicine Residents' Needs, Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Their Roles as Clinical Teachers. Britta Laslo, Manjot Grewal, Eric Wong, Judith Belle Brown, Wayne Weston, Tanya Thornton
  1. How Did Ontario Primary Healthcare Teams Benefit From Learning Collaborative Program? A Qualitative Study. Han Han, Jyoti Kotecha, Judith Belle Brown, Jann Paquette-Warren, Jane Yealland, Mike Green, Stewart Harris, Grant Russell, Susan Webster-Bogaert; Richard Birtwhistle
  1. Assessing the Benefits of Participatory Research: Implications for Primary Healthcare Research and Practice. Justin Jagosh, Ann C. Macaulay, Pierre Pluye, Jon Salsberg, Paula L. Bush, Carol P. Herbert, Trish Greenhalgh, Geoff Wong, Margaret Cargo, Lawrence W. Green, Sarena Seifer
  1. Canadian Family Physician Shortages: The Public View. Tom Freeman, Judith Belle Brown, Graham Reid, Moira Stewart, Amardeep Thind, Evelyn Vingilis
  1. Successful Approaches to Teamwork and Teambuilding in Primary Health Care Teams. Cathy Thorpe, Judith Belle Brown, Bridget L. Ryan, Moira Stewart

Poster Presentations

  1. The Changing Face of Practice: The House Call Review. Laura-Ann Bowal, Andrew Cave, Lindsay Smith, Bridget Ryan
  1. The Symptom of Fatigue in Primary Care: Assessing Health Care Utilization in the Canadian Context. Kathryn Nicholson, Moira Stewart, Amardeep Thind
  1. Feasibility of Measuring Equity of Access for Mental Health Care in a Primary Care Electronic Medical Record Database. Heather Maddocks, Amardeep Thind
  1. Creating a Roadmap for Improving Electronic Medical Record Implementation & Use in Canadian Primary Health Care.Amanda Terry, Moira Stewart, Amardeep Thind, MD, Martin Fortin, Sabrina Wong, Inese Grava-Gubins, Patricia Sullivan-Taylor, Lisa Ashley, Laura Warner