Other Resources

Computers in a lab

Several other resources exist which have specific booking procedures.

MSB 146/DSB 1002

These large classrooms are equipped with videoconferencing technology to serve the needs of the undergraduate medical education program. Their use for any other purpose than regularly scheduled undergraduate medicine classes requires the intervention of Schulich Educational Technology and Media Services. The only way in which these two rooms can be booked is by emailing the Associate Director - Facilities. Due to the cost of replacing damaged equipment (each post microphone costs over $300 installed) and the impact of having the equipment unavailable for distributed medical education, the consumption and serving of food or drink in the room is strongly discouraged.

Valberg Educational Learning Centre (MSB 150, MSB 150A, DSB 4006/7/8)

These computer based instructional rooms are booked by Schulich GroupWise users in the same manner as boardrooms and classrooms. Non GroupWise users can submit requests by completing the form found on the VERC website.

Drimmer Teaching Laboratory MSB 113/117/120

These teaching laboratories are booked through the Basic Medical Sciences Undergraduate Education office.

Some departments have resources that must be booked by contacting the department directly. If you have questions about these resources, please contact the owner for assistance.