Room booking procedure for Schulich Medicine & Dentistry classrooms

Effective June 2, 2017, the room booking process changed with the migration to Microsoft Outlook.

Schulich users must be manually entered into the permissions for each room resource that they require access to and have individual rights granted. This is going to take some time so your patience is appreciated. Regular recurring classroom bookings will continue to be managed by the Schulich Facilities office. Oversight of the requests will continue to ensure that the requests are appropriate.

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry classrooms are used primarily for regularly scheduled classes. The process for regular recurring room bookings begins in December of a given calender year. This process occurs in conjunction with the Basic Medical Sciences Undergraduate Education office, the Undergraduate Medical Education office, Dentistry and individual graduate programs. Classes are booked by the Facilities office from January to April for the following academic year. Once regular recurring classes have been booked, the rooms are available for one off bookings and regular recurring meetings. Please provide an appropriate descriptive subject line, without providing too much information, and remember that these bookings are visible on the internet.

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry classrooms include (format is building acronym/room number - capacity) DSB2016-95, DSB3008-95, HSA062-22, HSA064-22, HSA066-22, HSA068-22, HSA62-22, HSA64-22, HSA66-22, HSA68-22, MSB016-10, MSB017-10, MSB018-10, MSB022-10, MSB023-10, MSB027-10, MSB028-10, MSB029-10, MSB148-78, MSB190-40, MSB193AB-32, MSB193CD-32, MSB282-105 and MSB384-105.

 If you are unfamiliar with these rooms, information is available online on the Information Services site

You are also strongly encouraged to visit these rooms and familiarize yourself with their features.