Former Residents

Kara Robertson
Graduated June 2020

Saghar Sadeghi
Graduated June 2020

Pascale Clark
Graduated June 2020
Current position: Halifax Allergy & Asthma Associate (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Highlights from training at Western: I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Western. The staff are great teachers and truly enjoy working with residents. It was a great learning atmosphere which prepared me well for my career. I had a ton of hands-on experience with OIT, food challenges, drug challenges (including ASA desensitization), as well as biologics.

Erica Bernstein
Graduated June 2019

Sanju Mishra
Graduated June 2019

Nazanin Montazeri
Graduated June 2018
Current position: York Allergy Clinic (Greater Toronto Area)
Highlights from training at Western: I had a wonderful time at Western and I have made lasting memories. The staff, residents, and nurses were supportive and created a welcoming learning environment. We had the opportunity to experience different clinical settings, and there was exposure to a variety of medical conditions.

Godfrey Lam
Graduated June 2017

Vaishali Manga
Graduated June 2016