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The People of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Twitter Series

People of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Twitter Series

Experience what life is like on campus and beyond through the eyes (Tweets) of various Schulich Medicine & Dentistry community members, via Twitter.

Each week starting on February 27, we will be handing over the reins of @SchulichMedDent, the School’s official Twitter account, to students, faculty and recent alumni.

Check out the latest dental gadgets with Dr. Les Kalman (February 27). Take a look inside the anatomy lab with MSc candidate Gillian Corbo (March 10). Follow Matt Douglas-Vail, Medicine Class of 2018, and attend medical school for a day (March 18). Experience academic leadership through Dr. George Kim (March 24). And spend a day in public health with Yoshi Perera, MPH’14 (March 31).

These Schulich Medicine & Dentistry community members will give you the chance to experience #SchulichAdvantage through their own eyes, as they take over the @SchulichMedDent Twitter account.

To receive updates throughout the day, follow @SchulichMedDent on Twitter.

Les Kalman

Friday, Febuary 27: Faculty
Dr. Les Kalman

Dr. Les Kalman graduated from the Western University with a doctor of dental surgery degree in 1999. He then completed a GPR at the London Health Sciences Centre. He has been involved in general dentistry within private practice since 2000. He has served as the chief of dentistry at the Strathroy-Middlesex General hospital. In 2011, he transitioned to full-time academics as an assistant professor at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. Dr. Kalman’s research focuses on medical devices, including the Virtual Facebow and the Tempcap. Dr. Kalman is also the chair of the Dental Outreach Community Services (DOCS) program, which provides free dentistry within the community.

Dr. Kalman has authored a wide range of articles internationally. He has been a product evaluator for several companies, including GC America and Clinician’s Choice. Dr. Kalman is the founder of Research Driven, a company that translates intellectual property to industry. He remains active with several associations and has been recognized as an Academic Associate Fellow (AAID) and Diplomate (ICOI). In his spare time, Dr. Kalman enjoys photography as an accredited MotoGP photojournalist.

Matt Douglas-Vail

Wednesday, March 18, 2015: Student
Matt Douglas-Vail, Medicine Class of 2018

Matt Douglas-Vail is a first year medical student at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry. Having grown up in Meaford Ontario he is proud to call Southwestern Ontario home. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto in Immunology and Sociology. Douglas-Vail has always been interested in infectious disease, particularly HIV, having examined HIV pathogenesis while at U of T. He will be continuing his study of HIV here at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry with the new chair of the Department of Immunology, Dr. Eric Arts. Douglas-Vail is also interested in narrative medicine, serving as a Junior Editor for the UWO Medical Journal and Reviwer for the Canadian Medical Association Journal. He is looking forward to a career at the intersections of emergency medicine and infectious disease.

Yoshi Perera

Tuesday, March 31: Recent Alumni
Yoshi Perera, MPH'14

Yoshi Perera is a change agent with roots in clinical medicine. His passion for social justice and sustainable development brought him to the Master of Public Health program at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry. Upon securing an enhanced awareness of the global health and public health arena, he wishes to take part in the global conversation regarding health and healthcare. With interests in health communications and emergency preparedness, he utilizes social media as a medium to engage wider audiences regarding inequitable health issues.

Ultimately Perera wishes to rule the world and play Mariokart during his spare time. Nope, scratch that! He wants to be part of the team that strategically enhances a more ethical, equitable and sustainable healthcare system.

Gillian Corbo

Tuesday, March 10: Student
Gillian Corbo, MSc Candidate

Gillian Corbo is a first year master’s student in Clinical Anatomy. She hails from Vancouver and loves all things outdoors, tea-related, and is an anatomy nerd. She completed a bachelors degree in Kinesiology at University od British Columbia and was fascinated with the human body, and particularly the gross anatomical structure of it. She made the trek to London and decided to come to Schulich Medicine & Dentistry to learn how to teach anatomy to future health care professionals. As someone who has always loved anatomy and teaching, this was a master's program that sounded like a perfect fit for Corbo.

She is also involved in orthopaedic research that focuses on improving patient outcomes for people undergoing surgery for multi-ligament knee injuries. She is completing research with Dr. Alan Getgood, and collaborating with the Fowler-Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic as well as the Department of Engineering to do biomechanical testing on knee ligaments in pre-injury and post-injury scenarios

Dr. George Kim

Tuesday, March 24: Leadership
Dr. George Kim

Dr. George Kim is a family physician at the Byron Family Medical Centre, an academic teaching practice with the Department of Family Medicine at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry. He is also the Assistant Dean, Rural & Regional Community Engagement and the faculty lead for the Distributed Education Network. He completed a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry at Queen's University and completed his medical training and family medicine residency training at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry. He is proud of his Tricolour and Purple past. He loves foodie culture and food is often cited as his first love. He is an avid Ultimate Frisbee player and is new to the world of running. He is a proud father of two and loves going on road trip adventures with his family.

Dr. Kim loves medical education. He enjoys being involved in all stages of undergraduate medical education and residency training. He is also known to travel throughout Southwestern Ontario visiting with the many engaged and enthusiastic Schulich Medicine faculty members. He is interested in researching medical education, professionalism in medicine and supports for distributed medical education.