Providing Real-Life Learning Opportunities in Safe Environments

The Clinical Skills Learning Program (CSLP) at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University in London, Ontario, provides organizations and their learners with opportunities to hone their interpersonal, technical, and professional skills through the use of scenario-based simulations with Simulated Participants.

Carefully trained, experienced and well-practised, Simulated Participants simulate, in a consistent manner, an individual other than themselves — be it a patient, client, co-worker, parent, etc.

Simulated Participants are trained to offer detailed post-scenario feedback to your learners based on their experience/impressions. Feedback addresses a learner’s professional manner, technical style, and communication skills and can be focused to the session’s objectives.

Simulated Participants are accessible, adaptable and provide a balanced learner experience.

Simulated Participants

Scenario-based simulations can provide your learners with a controlled learning environment in which they can develop and practise their skills without compromising a “real” situation.

Scenario-based simulations can be useful when dealing with sensitive topics like the breaking of bad news, domestic violence/grief counseling, and dealing with aggressive personalities. Scenario-based training is a practical and effective way to transition learners from classrooms to real-world settings.

Personal Scenario

The CSLP team will recruit and train Simulated Participants to the objectives and demands of your session, enabling your instructors to focus their attention on teaching your learners.

The CSLP team will manage all the administrative work in connection with Simulated Participants. This includes the recruiting, training, human resource management and communication with Simulated Participants in support of your learning activities. With an active database of 600+ Simulated Participants who, collectively, participate in 80,000+ learning encounters per year, CSLP has the trained personnel to fulfill your needs.

Interview handshake

CSLP is able to deliver Simulated Participants for learning events of any size and complexity from various demographics performing a range of scenarios. Working directly and strategically with you, CSLP can meet the demand of any sized recruit no matter how large or small.

ID and vehicle check

The CSLP team has extensive experience in workshop planning and can assist you in developing your learning activities, as well as helping you to integrate Simulated Participants into existing courses or programs.
Simulations can be tailored to the needs to your program using a number of different approaches and formats.

In a lecture or classroom setting, Simulated Participants portray cases being discussed by your learners. Instructors interview the Simulated Participants in front of the class, demonstrating techniques and drawing out history/background relevant to the lecture’s objectives. Simulated Participants add a crucial human dimension to written case studies.

Case Study

Workshops take place in a small group setting and your learners will interact with multiple Simulated Participants presenting different cases tailored to the objectives of the session.

In a real-world or simulated environment, your learners will be provided with an opportunity to exercise their critical decision-making skills when dealing with more complex and multifaceted situations. Immersive scenarios are ideal for high-stakes situations.

Immersive scenario

“We used Simulated Participants to simulate a family meeting around goals of care discussions and would highly recommend SP simulations to other educators delivering their curriculum. They provide students with a safe yet high fidelity learning environment. This allows students to experiment with different approaches and strategies that they are unfamiliar with, and get immediate feedback both from the preceptor as well as from a ‘patient’ perspective. Working with the staff at CSLP was a wonderful experience.”
— Juliya Hemmett, Department of Nephrology, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, Western University

Clinic Setting

“The SP simulations allow students to interact in a safe environment and gain confidence in conducting interviews and developing relationships. They provide more realism — students take sessions and feedback more seriously when there is an actual person attached to the case study. The CSLP team is accommodating, pleasant and professional.”
— Janice Elliott, Nursing Program, Fanshawe College


• Your learners will practise and hone their communication and technical skills in controlled teaching environments.
• Access to active database of more than 600 Simulated Participants from a wide range of demographics.
• Simulated Participants are able to travel across southwestern Ontario to participate in your learning events.
• CSLP manages all administration with Simulated Participants including recruitment, training, communication of event details and human resources.
• Assistance in developing new simulation events and integration of Standardized Individuals into existing courses/programs