About Clinical Skills Learning Program (CSLP)

The Clinical Skills Learning Program (CSLP) is an educational resource which offers learning and evaluative opportunities to undergraduate/postgraduate medical students and to health care providers in the community.  In addition, CSLP has established a partnership with the community of London and area in response to the growing needs and expectations of today’s health care consumers.  Simulated Participants (SPs) and Volunteer Patients (VPs) are community members who are committed to bringing their wealth of life experience into the educational setting.

SPs are laypeople who have been carefully coached and trained to simulate an actual patient... not in just history and/or physical findings, but body language, emotions and personality characteristics as well.  They offer a readily available and standardized tool for the teaching of new skills, the refining of previously learned skills and the evaluating of the learner’s performance - allowing for teaching and assessment of skills in an experiential and problem based manner.  CSLP currently employs 600+ SPs and is always accepting applications from those who may be interested in participating.

Volunteer Patients (VPs) are real patients with stable physical findings who volunteer their time to come and allow students to interview and physically examine them.  They allow students to experience dealing with real patients in a stable, safe setting. 

SPs and VPs may or may not have any previous medical knowledge, but they all bring with them a unique life experience and a desire to be of value in the community of health care practitioners.