Faculty Performance

Elentra EPA Reports

For CBD programs and those using Elentra, we have various data on faculty performance as it relates to EPAs. This will be an area that rapidly increases in features based on user feedback.

Currently, individual faculty can view their own metrics like the number of EPAs requested, completed, in progress, or expired for a given time frame. It's possible to filter by residency program which EPAs were completed too if the faculty assessor completes EPAs for residents from different programs. Faculty can also look at their distrubtion of entrustment scores as compared to their peers in their department or division. Lastly, faculty can also easily see the narrative feedback completed in Elentra sorted by EPAs to allow for self-assessment to improve the quality of written feedback provided to not only residents, but also the Competence Committee to aid in their decision making about resident progression.

Program Directors, department or division CBME Leads, and Program Administrators can access the list of all faculty in their program to see their faculty assessor statistics. They can also see residents as assessors if residents in the program also assess junior residents.