Anatomy and Cell Biology Counselling

Academic Counselling

Academic Counselling is available to all students through the Academic Counselling Team, who are located in the North Campus Building (NCB), room 280.

Academic counsellors are able to assist you with:

  • Your transition into academia
  • Connecting you with academic resources
  • Accomodation for missed course work
  • Advice regarding your course selection, and academic performance in regards to eligibility for modules and degrees
  • Request for irregular or increased course loads
  • Advising for transfer students
  • Changes of status, withdrawing from Western, or transferring to a different faculty
  • Requests for Letters of Permission
  • General inquiries
If you are looking to speak with an academic counsellor, please visit the Counselling Hours page for information on appointment hours, and the Appointments page for information on booking an appointment with a member of the Academic Counselling Team.

Department Counselling

You may have some questions that are specific to the course and/or module you are currently enrolled in, or are looking to enroll in. In these instances, your academic counsellor may advise you to reach out to your Department Counsellor.

Department Counsellors will be able to assist you with:

  • Advice on courses, and progression within your module
  • Taking a course without the pre-requisite
  • Course substitutions
  • Issues with course enrollment (e.g. a full course)

The Department Counsellor for the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology is Dr. Walter Rushlow:

Dr. Walter Rushlow
Undergraduate Chair

Health, Mental Health and Wellness

Western provides a number of on campus health, mental health and wellness resources.

Student Health Services provides full-time and part-time students with access to medical care, psychiatry, and counselling services amongst its other care options. For more information, and to book any health care appointments, please visit the Student Health Services website.

If you are looking for support and resources for yourself or another individual regarding mental health Western offers resources and support through its Health and Wellness portal. Each category provides information for on campus resources for mental health, signs of concern, and crisis support.

If you, or someone you know, is in crisis, contact Crisis services.