Program Information

The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology offers modules leading to an Honours Specialization, a Major and a Minor in Medical Cell Biology, as well as an Honours Specialization in Biochemistry and Cell Biology.
Medical Cell Biology consists of the study of humans at the levels of molecules, cells, tissues and organ systems. The modules integrate information from each of these areas to yield an understanding of the relationship between structure and function in the organism as a whole.

Courses offered in our modules allow students to study the gross anatomical features of all the human organ systems; to explore the relationship of their structure and function; to understand how cells in the human body interact when forming tissues, maintaining homeostasis and regulating behaviour; and to learn about the cellular mechanisms governing normal and pathological processes such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and mental disorders.

The broad scope of this program offers students a diverse set of career options. These career paths include graduate and professional schools, employment in drug and pharmaceutical companies, employment in government agencies, scientific research and teaching..