How ACB Supports EDID

The EDID Committee was founded in 2023 to provide support, leadership, and oversight of Anatomy & Cell Biology’s programs, policies and processes to ensure that the core principles of equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization are central to all aspects of the Department’s academic mission and work culture. The work of the committee is focused on promoting an inclusive and accessible environment for all, including but not limited to Women, Visible Minorities, Indigenous Peoples, Persons with Disabilities, Persons with Low Socioeconomic Status, and LGBTQ2S+ People, as outlined in our Terms of Reference

Key Responsibilities

To Lead:

  • To lead the development and ongoing evolution of an EDID action plan for the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology (ACB).

To Advocate:

  • To identify EDID-related professional development opportunities for ACB faculty, staff and trainees.

To Collaborate:

  • To advise and collaborate with department leadership and key committees, including Research, Undergraduate Affairs, Graduate Affairs, and Clinical Anatomy, on implementing EDID initiatives in their respective areas

To Define & Track:

  • To define, identify, and track departmental metrics of success for EDID.

To Model Accountability:

  • To model accountability for fostering an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment within ACB for all staff, faculty, and trainees.

Initiatives & Minutes

Current Initiatives

  • EDID Committee Representatives hold seats on all Departmental Committees

Future Initiatives

  • Development of a Biases Checklist to guide lecturers in assessing content for inclusivity

Past Initiatives

  • October 2023 - Orange Shirt Campaign
  • 2023 Creation of Departmental EDID Committee

Meeting Minutes

Our Committee

Dr. Charys Martin

Faculty Representative charys.martin@uwo.ca

Micheal Zheng

Student Representative mzheng69@uwo.ca

Karyn Bailey

Staff Representative

Dr. Alison Allan

Knowledge Exchange
Faculty Representative aallan3@uwo.ca

Miray Youssef

Student Representative

Jennifer Devlin

Knowledge Exchange
Staff Representative

Dr. Martin Duennwald

Graduate Committee
Faculty Representative mduennwa@uwo.ca

Dr. Andrew Deweyert

Undergraduate Committee
Faculty Representative adeweyer@uwo.ca

Supreet Singh

Clinical Anatomy
Student Representative

Dr. Jibran Khokhar

Research Committee
Faculty Representative jkhokha@uwo.ca

Violet Patterson

Trainee Representative

Rehanna Kanji

Trainee Representative