Schulich Medicine to expand medical school training with additional educational and residency spots


By Prabhjot Sohal

More future doctors will be training at Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, with the Province announcing it will significantly expand medical education and residency training spots. Starting this fall and rolling out over the next three years, the School will add 16 medical education spots and 22 residency training spots.

“We are thrilled that the provincial government is expanding our medical education program," said Western President Alan Shepard. "Southwestern Ontario is among the fastest growing regions in Canada, and we know that where a physician trains is a strong predictor of where they will practise. With these additional spots, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry can train more doctors to serve the communities in greatest need. We commend the government for taking this critical step.”

The additional spots were included in last month’s Provincial budget for 2023, where the government announced it would expand medical school education through a new investment of $33 million over three years. The investment is creating 100 undergraduate medical seats and 154 postgraduate medical training seats in the province. On April 24, announcing expansion of medical education in the Durham region, the government detailed how those spots will be spread out across Ontario.

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry currently has 171 first-year undergraduate medical education seats, 133 of which are at Western and 38 at its Windsor campus. The newly announced spots will be in addition to these seats, bringing Schulich’s totals to 187 undergraduate seats and 230 residency training spots.

“This is tremendous news – not only for our medical school but for all the people in the vast and growing region we serve, from Woodstock to the Great Lakes and Owen Sound to Windsor-Essex,”
- Dr. John Yoo, Dean, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.

“This is tremendous news – not only for our medical school but for all the people in the vast and growing region we serve, from Woodstock to the Great Lakes and Owen Sound to Windsor-Essex,” said Schulich Medicine Dean Dr. John Yoo. “Many of these communities are experiencing doctor shortages and significant health care challenges, and the pandemic has added to those pressures. People are hurting and we are in the business of training doctors who can help.”

Last year, 28 new postgraduate residency spots were added to the existing 185 residency positions at Schulich Medicine through provincial funding. Western also received support from the Province to expand its 19-month program for registered practical nurses (RPNs) to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) degree. The compressed timeframe (CTF) BScN program grew to 232 seats in 2022, a dramatic increase from 100 seats in 2020, and 135 in 2021.

Impact in Windsor

The 2023 provincial budget also includes funding to build a new Windsor-Essex Acute Care Hospital at Windsor. This announcement supports Western’s mission to provide quality healthcare in southern Ontario.

In 2008, with the provincial government’s support, Western launched Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry’s Windsor campus. Since its establishment 15 years ago, the Windsor campus has led to a 35 per cent increase in family physicians and a 31 per cent increase in specialists practicing in the area. Impressively, more than 80 per cent of family medicine graduates have chosen to stay in Windsor-Essex to practice, resulting in almost 100 new physicians joining the region.

Dean Yoo said the School will work with the Ministry and the School’s regional health care partners to determine an appropriate distribution for the additional medical education and residency training spots between its London and Windsor campuses.

“We’ll work together to ensure the spots are allocated in a way that ensures the best outcomes for our trainees and the needs of the people we serve,” he said.

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