Annual Awards of Excellence ceremony brings Schulich Medicine & Dentistry community together


By Communications

Last night saw the 32nd annual celebration of the Schulich Awards of Excellence.

The evening celebrated the accomplishments of the 32 award winners who joined the list of more than 450 colleagues who have been recognized since the inception of the awards in 1992.

Dean John Yoo shared his congratulations via video to all of the recipients and more than 250 attendants at RBC Place in London, Ontario.  

“There are few things more meaningful as a professional than to be recognized by your peers and colleagues, and these Awards of Excellence are an opportunity to do exactly that,” said Yoo. “Your dedication, talents, professionalism, and your pursuit of excellence are making a difference; you are making an impact to our School, our community, and beyond.” 

Visit Awards of Excellence – London to find out more about the awards and the nomination criteria.


Schulich Award of Excellence for Faculty in Community/Distributed Sites

These awards recognize outstanding faculty educators who have displayed exceptional interest and enthusiasm for the learning needs of trainees in our distributed community sites.

Ahmed Khashif

Dr. Kashif Ahmed, Family Medicine

As a teacher, Ahmed is the Director of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education Programs at Woodstock Hospital. He is very invested in ensuring that their Emergency Department (ED) group provides the best possible experience for our learners.

Henry Chapeskie

Dr. Henry Chapeskie, Family Medicine

Chapeskie’s passion for learning translates directly to his passion for teaching. He actively seeks learning opportunities for students and encourages the development of hands-on skills, fostering a supportive environment where learners feel comfortable performing procedures.

Quoc Tran

Dr. Quoc Tran, Medicine

Tran is a passionate supporter of education and has wonderfully balanced the many roles of a clinical teacher. His passion for teaching and love for medicine are exemplary.


Dr. Sean Ryan, Family Medicine

Ryan is a supportive mentor, and well known for his compassion, approachability, and natural talent for teaching.


Schulich Faculty Mentorship Award

The Schulich Faculty Development Award recognizes the exemplary commitment of a faculty member in the mentorship of other faculty members within the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

Patricia Hall

Dr. Patricia Hall, Department of Psychiatry

Hall is recognized for the quantity of time dedicated, but also for her sensitivity to supporting her colleague’s wellness, maintenance of work-life balance, as well as academic and leadership progression.

Schulich Excellence in Education Awards for Graduate/Postgraduate

The Schulich Excellence in Education Awards recognize individual educational success among faculty and stimulate further development and achievement at the graduate/postgraduate level.

Schulich Educator Category

Tyler Beveridge

Tyler Beveridge, PhD, Anatomy and Cell Biology

Beveridge has been an excellent mentor to students and has engaged in multidisciplinary, collaborative work across postgraduate medicine. His technological and educational innovations have truly set him apart.

Anna Gunz

Dr. Anna Gunz, Paediatrics

Gunz leads the way in competency based medical education for paediatric care. Her residents know her as an inspiring innovator and a positive light during training.

Sonja Payne

Dr. Sonja Payne, Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine

Payne is an encouraging teaching mentor who actively engages with her trainees. Students praise her technique in the operating room from both a skill and teaching perspective.

Jeffrey Yu

Dr. Jeffrey Yu, Medicine

Yu has done innovative and ground-breaking work in the area of Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS), which is a huge strength of the internal medicine program and is appreciated by residents.

Andrew Zhang

Andrew Zhang, MClSc, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Zhang has demonstrated tireless efforts in continuing to develop and optimize Canada’s first accredited Pathologists’ Assistant graduate program. He is also celebrated for the profound impact that he has had on his students, both as an educator and a mentor

Schulich Leader Category

Anita Cave

Dr. Anita Cave, Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine

In her leadership roles both nationally and locally, Cave was influential in creating competency-based standards for anesthesiology residents across Canada, and in overcoming all obstacles to develop and implement a curriculum at Schulich Medicine that aligns with those standards.

Nica Boradaile

Nica Borradaile, PhD, Physiology and Pharmacology

Borradaile has spearheaded efforts to update the content and delivery mode of graduate training in the Physiology & Pharmacology department. Her impact has been, and will continue to be, far-reaching.

Schulich Excellence in Education Awards for Undergraduate

The Schulich Excellence in Education Awards recognize individual educational success among faculty and stimulate further development and achievement at the undergraduate level.

Schulich Educator Category

Scott McKay

Dr. Scott McKay, Family Medicine

McKay goes above and beyond to provide enriched clinical experiences embedding the principles of health-related quality improvement for medical students. McKay’s impact extends beyond the walls of the School with his positive impact on many medical students who aspire to be family physicians and go on to be leaders in their communities.


Wataru Inoue, PhD, Physiology and Pharmacology

Since his start at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry in 2014, Inoue has been a strong contributor to the undergraduate teaching program. His letters of support, written by his students, outline their genuine gratitude and highlight how his teaching and mentorship have inspired their ongoing academic and career successes.


Schulich Leader Category

Christine Bell

Christine Bell, PhD, Physiology & Pharmacology

Bell moves beyond the traditional metrics of evaluations and provides opportunities for students to be creative in their learning and become investigators. She demonstrates passion in her leadership of interdisciplinary projects that aim to elevate learner and faculty wellness.

Schulich Distinguished Leader Category


Dr. Michele Weir, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Through her leadership of Quality Improvement and Accreditation activities, Weir has been instrumental in adapting the Undergraduate Medical Education curriculum to a competency-based model. She is described as an educator who is committed to ensuring students receive the best education possible and will invest any extra effort necessary to draw the best out of each student in her classes.

Dean's Awards of excellence for faculty

Researcher of the Year

Doug Fraser

Dr. Doug Fraser, Paediatrics 

Awarded to a faculty member who has had an exceptional record of achievement this past calendar year. In his response to the pandemic, Fraser brought his experience and ability to innovate to grapple with important aspects of COVID-19 critical illness and undertook an ambitious research program to better understand COVID-19 pathophysiology in the paediatric health context.

Community Outreach

Sarah McLean

Sarah McLean, PhD, Anatomy & Cell Biology

This award recognizes and honours a faculty member who has an exceptional history of community and public outreach with direct implications of increasing the visibility of research at Schulich. McLean aims to support students to strengthen their sense of civic responsibility and greater understanding by providing hands-on experiences to connect what they learn in the classroom to what happens outside it. 

Distinguished Leader in Research

Richard Kim

Dr. Richard Kim, Department of Medicine

Awarded to a senior faculty member who has had an exceptional career in research, leadership, and service. Kim is a strong leader in the field of pharmacogenomics whose work has resulted in the translation of innovative research for patient care. He has played major roles in mentoring and training the next generation of scientists and clinician-scientists.

Preclinical & Translational Research

Alison Allan

Alison Allan, PhD, Anatomy & Cell Biology and Oncology

This award recognizes and honours a faculty member who has advanced the multidisciplinary research mission of the faculty through innovations in bench-to-bedside/chairside discoveries. Allan is widely recognized for the development of novel research models that inform on human health and disease, and has pioneered the use of patient-derived tumour organoids as well as xenografts that serve as an invaluable resource for the entire community.

Research & Innovation 

This category of awards is given in recognition of overall excellence in research and innovation for faculty members that are at various stages of career progression.

Early Career

Jibran Khokkar

Jibran Khokhar, PhD, Anatomy & Cell Biology

Despite still being early in his independent career, Khokhar is already recognized as an expert in the field of neuropsychopharmacology, where his lab uses innovative approaches in animal models to study the brain changes associated with substance abuse and the interaction with mental illnesses.

Kristin Clemens

Dr. Kristin Clemens, Department of Medicine

Clemens has a diverse research portfolio with strong success and contributions in diabetes and osteoporosis research. Her work has not only been impactful in the academic community, but outside of it as well. Her projects and grants have been featured in the popular press, podcasts, university publications and community events.

Mid Career

Jeremy Burton

Jeremy Burton, PhD, Microbiology & Immunology

Burton has been a champion and role model for successfully linking basic and clinical research and is a nexus for microbiome research at Western that covers basic, mechanistic studies, to medical imaging, to clinical trials.

Lillian Barra

Dr. Lillian Barra, Department of Medicine

Barra is an internationally recognized expert in vasculitis and is currently the president of the Canadian Vasculitis Network. At home, here in Schulich, she is recognized for her collegial, humble, and caring attitude, in addition to her talent in developing interdisciplinary research collaborations.

Senior Career


Stefan Everling, PhD, Physiology & Pharmacology

For nearly 25 years, Everling has helped build Western’s reputation as a powerhouse in cognitive neuroscience research, particularly in establishing and guiding the administration, infrastructure, protocols and expertise for non-human primate research. Everling is not only an outstanding scientist – he is also a great scientific mentor whose innovative research program has consistently received the backing of CIHR operating grants and funding opportunities.

Robert Teasell

Dr. Robert Teasell, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Teasell has been a driving force in advancing rehabilitation medicine research, contributing to all areas of the research-to-bedside pipeline. He has been a pioneer and leader in making evidence-based reviews of new and emerging rehabilitation literature available for all—patients, families and caregivers, clinicians, researchers, administrators, and policy-makers.

Schulich Awards of excellence for Staff

Continuous Excellence Individual Award

Tannis Radcliffe

Tannis Radcliffe, Office of the Dean

Awarded to an individual who continuously seeks excellence in practice. They often “take it to the next level.” Radcliffe is described as thorough, enthusiastic, supportive, cheery, respectful, inclusive and knowledgeable. Her exceptional customer service to both internal and external stakeholders and her volunteer role as a Western Wellness Champion makes her a very respected ambassador of our School.

Continuous Excellence Team Award


Bela Franze and Suzy Mendes, Department of Psychiatry

Awarded to a team who continuously seeks excellence in practice. Franze and Mendes are the dynamic duo of the Postgraduate Education Team in the Department of Psychiatry. Together they provide exceptional administrative support to residents, faculty, departmental committees and prospective learners.

Innovation Award

Stephanie Durnin

Stephanie Durnin, Dentistry

Awarded to an individual or team who has demonstrated or accomplished a core component of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s mission: Innovation. Durnin has spearheaded three large projects that have made a significant impact on Dentistry’s processes, workflows, and efficiencies. These new workflows allow for the effective use of resources, reduce errors, and create an atmosphere of positive change and stewardship.

Inspirational Leadership Award

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson, Dentistry

Awarded to a Schulich Medicine & Dentistry staff member who inspires others to strive for their personal and professional best. They influence without authority, recognize others’ interests; and build team cohesiveness. Johnson is a leader who builds consensus at all levels of decision-making through her confidence, humility and openness to ideas and perspectives. Her sincerity and ability to connect with faculty, staff, learners and patients allow her to build bridges that bring people together with purpose and passion.

Newcomer Award


Karyn Bailey, Anatomy & Cell Biology and Department of Medical Biophysics

Awarded to an early career hire who has served to advance the Strategic plans and goals of the School. Bailey’s focus on advancing the strategic priorities of both departments and the School has led to an online presence that highlights the quality of the department’s research and educational programs.

Spirit Award

Margaret Dow

Margaret Dow, Department of Oncology

Awarded to an individual who has selflessly improved the lives of others, whether within the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and/or the community at large. Dow’s "spirit" is evident in her volunteer service outside of Schulich, her dedication to enhancing the academic environment, her advocacy efforts for resident wellness, and her promotion of equity, diversity and inclusion principles for all learners, faculty and staff.