Record number of future doctors begin training at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

University College with Canadian flag and tree"Expanding enrolment is an important step to meeting the health needs of Southwestern Ontario," said Dr. John Yoo, dean.

By Communications

As thousands of students return to their university studies, more future doctors are starting their training at Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry than ever before.

The School is welcoming 190 first-year medical students, the largest class in its history – including 16 additional seats made possible by funding from the Ontario government.

“Expanding enrolment is an important step to meeting the health needs of Southwestern Ontario,” said Dr. John Yoo, dean. “Many communities in our region are facing significant health-care challenges, including doctor shortages, and we are now training more doctors who can help address these gaps.” 

Of the additional seats, three are located at the School’s Windsor Campus, with the remaining 13 in London. In future years, more of the 16 added spots will be designated for the Windsor Campus.

In its 2023 budget, the Ontario government announced it would expand medical school education across the province, including residency training, through a new investment of $33 million. At Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, this funding brings the total number of added residency spots to 38 by 2026.

“Many physicians eventually practice in the locations where they train, so we’re optimistic this will result in more doctors for our region,” said Yoo. “And we’re committed not only to graduating more doctors, but also educating future physicians to serve the unique health needs of our region, including rural, regional and Indigenous communities.”