News: New award increases access to MD+

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry is launching a new award for MD+ students to support them in enriching their medical education with interdisciplinary, experiential learning.

Beginning next spring, the new Dean’s MD+ Graduate Award will be offered annually to Doctor of Medicine (MD) program students who have been accepted to a master’s program through the MD+ track.

The Award aims to increase access to MD+ and support students during their learning.

The School has committed $100,000 from the donor-supported Schulich Excellence Fund to establish the Award, with the goal of growing to more than $250,000. The number and value of awards will vary, with a minimum of $10,000 awarded per student.

“The School is incredibly proud of MD+ and interest in this new track continues to grow,” said Dr. John Yoo, Dean, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. “The Dean’s MD+ Graduate Award will help students cover costs associated with this unique learning opportunity and allow more learners to enhance their education through MD+.”

To be eligible for the Award, students must submit a one-page summary about their planned career path in medicine, explaining how they will utilize their medical degree and graduate studies to achieve their goals.

A committee including the Dean, or their designate, will select the recipients.

MD+ offers medical students four different pathways to pursue a graduate degree, diploma, or certificate in a wide variety of subjects, including basic science, the history of medicine, public health, business and space studies.

Students can either take a leave of absence from the MD program to pursue studies or can work toward their second degree or diploma concurrently with their core Doctor of Medicine studies.

“MD+ is a student-focused strategic opportunity we created after listening to our students,” said Yoo. “We are giving them an opportunity to pursue a highly individualized approach to their education, with new options to explore interdisciplinary learning that will support their future success.”