Announcement: 2021 Awards of Excellence – Windsor Campus recipients

The Awards of Excellence – Windsor Campus celebrate the commitment and dedication of faculty, residents, staff and students. As mentors and role models, the recipients are distinguished by their leadership skills and embodiment of the School’s values.

Congratulations to the 2021 recipients:

Associate Dean’s Award
Drew Foley
Dr. Junaid Yousuf
Dr. Giovanni Villella

Educator’s Award
Nikesh Adunuri
Dr. Joanna Starczewski
Dr. Emily Marcotte 

Learner Peer Award
Aaron Wang
Amanda Stojcevski
Dr. Brendan Cassidy

Dr. Colin Nisbet Award for Excellence in Emergency Medicine  
Aleksa Zubic

Dr. Gordon Vail Resident Award in Emergency Medicine
Dr. Bilal Akil

Windsor Family Medicine – Faculty of the Year Award
Dr. Helena Hamdan

Windsor Sub Specialty Rotation – Faculty of the Year Award
Dr. Sabeen Anwar

Post Graduate Award for Academic Leadership
Dr. Diana Cuckovic

City of Windsor – Family Physician Award
Dr. Michael-Anthony Ferrato

City of Windsor – Psychiatry Physician Award
Dr. James Charbonneau

Windsor Psychiatry – Faculty of the Year Award  
Dr. Richard Owen