News: Trainees awarded at Imaging Network of Ontario Symposium

Fifteen trainees received research awards at the annual Imaging Network of Ontario Symposium in March.
Congratulations to the recipients: 
Oral Award Winners
Image-Guided Devices
Jessica Rodgers, PhD’21
Feasibility of fusing three-dimensional transabdominal and transrectal ultrasound images to visualize intracavitary gynaecological brachytherapy applicators
Lung and Cellular Imaging
Peter Jeon, PhD Candidate, Medical Biophysics
Progressive changes in glutamate concentration in early stages of schizophrenia - A longitudinal 7-Tesla MRS study
Imaging for Musculoskeletal Analysis 
Sam Papernick, MSc Candidate, Medical Biophysics
Reliability and concurrent validity of 3D ultrasound for quantifying knee cartilage volume
Cancer Imaging
Shirley Liu, MSc Candidate, Medical Biophysics
Molecular imaging reveals a high degree of cross-seeding of spontaneous metastases in a novel mouse model of synchronous bilateral breast cancer
COVID-19 and Brain Related Injuries
Alicia Cronin, PhD Candidate, Medical Biophysics
The Severity of Spinal Cord Compression is Associated with Functional Plasticity in Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy
Machine Learning II
Nathan Orlando, MClSc/PhD Candidate (CAMPEP), Medical Biophysics
Effect of dataset size and acquisition type on deep learning segmentation of the prostate in 3D ultrasound
MRI Contrast and Development
TianDuo Wang, PhD Candidate, Medical Biophysics
An activatable reporter gene system to visualize cell-cell communication in cancer immunotherapies
Neuro Imaging
Kevin Chung, PhD Candidate, Medical Biophysics
Measuring Ischemic Volumes using Quantitative Multiphase CT Angiography Perfusion Maps
Pitch Award Winners
Device, Hardware, System Development I
Claire Park, PhD Candidate, Medical Biophysics
Toward high-resolution PEM and US-guided core-needle biopsy
Machine Learning for Cancer Applications
Tricia Chinnery, MSc Candidate, Medical Biophysics
A CT-based radiomics model for predicting gastrostomy tube insertion in oropharyngeal cancer

Image Processing
Santiago Cobos, PhD Candidate, Medical Biophysics
Cost-effective micro-CT imaging of medical components fabricated with additive manufacturing
Musculoskeletal Imaging
Dana Broberg, MSc Candidate, Medical Biophysics
Effect of vitamin D and memantine supplementation on body composition in the APP/PS1 mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease following chronic vitamin D deficiency
Deep Learning
Miriam Hewlett, PhD Candidate, Medical Biophysics
Deep Learning for Motion Correction using Multichannel MRI Data
Neuro Imaging
Ramina Adam, PhD’20, Postdoctoral Fellow, Clinical Neurological Sciences
Brain network connectivity and neurodevelopmental outcomes in children with infantile hydrocephalus
Computation Modeling
Bradley Karat, MSc Candidate, Neuroscience
Correlating Macro and Microstructure in the Hippocampus