Announcement: 2021 CaRMS Match Results

On April 20, medical students from across Canada learned their residency match results, as the first iteration of the 2021 Canadian Resident Matching Service process became available.

This year’s match process introduced new processes to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, with students and residency programs adapting to a virtual interview platform for the first time.

“The uniqueness of this year needs to be acknowledged,” said Dr. Gary Tithecott, Acting Vice Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education. “On behalf of the School’s Doctor of Medicine program and Learner Experience Office, I want to express deep gratitude to clinical faculty at all School campuses who supported clinical learning for the Medicine Class of 2021.”

“Additionally, I want to thank clinical faculty who contributed to document review, candidate mentorship, interviews and selection while meeting the overwhelming demands of care and prevention during the pandemic.”

Of the students who matched in the first round, 35 per cent matched to postgraduate medical education programs at Schulich Medicine and 48 per cent matched to Family Medicine. Close to 80 per cent of students matched to an Ontario postgraduate medical education program. Overall, students matched to a wide range of programs across the country, at most schools and residency programs.

Dr. Tithecott offered congratulations from the Doctor of Medicine program to students who were successful in the first iteration from the work and resiliency they demonstrated during the past four years. 

He also shared the School’s commitment to support students entering the second iteration of the residency match.“Schulich Medicine students can count on us for strong support,” he said. “The Learner Experience Office and undergraduate medical education leaders have already connected with the students. Each student has been assigned personal support from a School faculty coach. Students are also getting support from their peers and have access to national organizations such as the Canadian Federation of Medical Students.”

Dr. Lois Champion, Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education, acknowledged the successful first iteration match for the School’s PGY1 programs and shared a warm welcome to the incoming residents.

“We are so happy that you have chosen us,” she said. “We look forward to meeting and working with you.”

The second iteration of the match will be announced on May 20.