Announcement: Doctor of Medicine program successful in all accreditation categories

In February 2020, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s Doctor of Medicine (MD) program submitted a required accreditation status report to the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS) and the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). The report provided updates on the MD program and School’s work on two standards and elements: Diversity/Pipeline programs and partnerships, as well as Service-learning. 

In late October, the School was informed by the CACMS and LCME that the School is in compliance with these elements and now has a satisfactory rating for all elements. The accrediting bodies voted to continue accreditation for the balance of the eight-year term and requested no additional follow-up. The next full CACMS accreditation visit for the MD program and School will take pace in the fall of 2023 (academic year 2023-2024).

Accreditation and continuous improvement of the School’s education program requires a full team effort. Upon receipt of this news, Dr. Yoo shared his appreciation to the faculty, staff and students who have contributed and continue contributing to the strength of the MD program.

“I’m very grateful to the faculty, staff and students, who work together to ensure we have a strong and engaging undergraduate medical education program. It’s thanks to their tireless efforts that we have met and continue working to meet all the accreditation standards and elements,” he said.