Announcement: Students find success in second iteration of 2020 CaRMS process

Schulich Medicine students were successful in the second iteration of the 2020 CaRMS process, which was released on April 15.

Of the five students who chose to pursue the second iteration, all matched. Three students matched to Family Medicine, and one each matched to Medical Microbiology and Anatomical Pathology. Three students, choosing not to enter the second iteration, have opted to pursue an additional year of career enrichment while working closely with School leaders on their future plans.

All but two of the Schulich Medicine postgraduate medical education programs have filled their positions. The unfilled positions include one each in Neuropathology and Nuclear Medicine.

In total, 98.3 per cent of Schulich Medicine students matched to Canadian postgraduate training programs after the two iterations of the 2020 CaRMS process. Family Medicine remains the program matched to by the majority of the School’s students. Internal Medicine and Paediatrics were also popular general entry residency programs for students. For the first time in a number of years, three students matched to Public Health and Preventative Medicine.

While students matched to a variety of residency programs and career choices across Canada, close to 80 per cent will remain in Ontario. Schulich Medicine postgraduate medical education training programs remain the single largest school of destination for Schulich Medicine students’ residency education.