News: Commercialization strategies top competition

Congratulations to the winners of the Proteus Innovation Competition, an intense, four-month contest that takes three newly developed technologies and challenges teams to plan their commercialization. Three winning teams, one for each new technology, are each awarded $5,000. The experience also includes mentorship and training for participants, helping them develop entrepreneurial skills.

Team Placentologix
Category: Artifical Placenta

Joshua Dierolf, PhD Candidate, Physiology and Pharmacology
Tim Han, PhD Candidate, Anatomy and Cell Biology

Team Celsus Biomedical
Category: Neuroprotective Monoclonal Antibodies

Christopher Leclerc, MESc Candidate, Biomedical Engineering
Jeffrey Levine, MSc Candidate, Physiology and Pharmacology

“We wanted to participate in a competition that pushed us to the edge of our comfort zone,” said Leclerc. “This experience demonstrated that we could successfully apply our knowledge towards real-world scenarios, develop viable commercialization strategies and potentially have a real impact on people suffering massively debilitating injuries.”