Award: Frank Beier honoured for excellence in osteoarthritis research

Congratulations to Frank Beier, PhD, who is being honoured with an Award for Basic Science Research from the Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI). The award recognizes Beier’s pioneering work in applying genomics techniques to osteoarthritis models.

“It is a great honour that the work our research team has done over the past decade is being recognized,” said Beier, Professor and Chair of Physiology and Pharmacology at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, and a member of Western’s Bone and Joint Institute. “This validates the excellent work done by many graduate students, postdocs and technicians in the lab, and documents our strong standing on the world stage.”

Beier is the Canada Research Chair in Musculoskeletal Research and uses mice models to understand cartilage and joint biology and the molecular mechanisms involved in the progression of osteoarthritis. He has more than 100 published papers in peer-reviewed journals and has given 100 invited presentations.

“Osteoarthritis presents a huge burden to affected patients and society, in Canada and across the globe. Currently, we have no drugs that can slow, stop or reverse this disease, in part because we do not understand the underlying genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms,” said Beier. “Basic research in osteoarthritis is aimed at identifying these mechanisms, with the long term goal to find new targets for diagnosis and treatment.”

Beier is a key leader within the Bone and Joint Institute at Western and has served on the Institute’s Operations Committee since its inception. His contribution has been crucial to program development, recruitment of colleagues and trainees, as well as building relationships with faculties and departments across campus and beyond.  

OARSI is the world’s leading society for osteoarthritis research, and Beier will be presented with the award at the OARSI World Congress in Toronto this May.