Feature: Celebrating the Dentistry Class of 2019 with Pari Dabas

Photo of Pari Dabas, Dentistry Class of 2019
By Luiza Moczarski, BFA'00

Cliché story or not, Pari Dabas admits that getting braces was what inspired her to pursue dentistry.

 “I’m not sure if it was the perceived ‘coolness’ of my orthodontist or the way my new smile improved my self-esteem that sparked my interest in dentistry, but my co-op placement in high school solidified my decision,” said Dabas.

Dabas was born in Toronto and raised nearby in Brampton. She headed to McMaster University for her undergraduate studies and chose Schulich Medicine & Dentistry for her dental studies thanks to a recommendation from her own dentist. 

“Even though she’s not a Schulich Dentistry alumna, she recommended the school, and in her professional opinion through hiring associates, she noticed that Schulich Dentistry graduates had better clinical skills,” said Dabas.

Once she settled into the program, Dabas turned her attention to getting involved with the School and the local community.

She became involved with University of Western Ontario Dental Student Society (UWODSS) in first year, serving as Secretary. Her role evolved from there to Vice-President, Finance and then to President in her fourth and final year. In the presidential role, she oversaw student, faculty and clinic issues and also provided input and feedback for all of the School’s social events. She is grateful for her involvement with UWODSS, as it has given her the opportunity to expand her social and professional network.

Peer connections have certainly been an essential part of Dabas’ journey. As a board member of The Federation of Canadian Dentistry Student Associations, she advocated as part of a unified national student voice for the promotion of accessible and optimal dental education and patient care.

The fourth-year dental student was also involved with DocsKids, an initiative where dentists visit different community centres and spread oral health awareness to the paediatric population and their parents.

“We always try to make it fun by using hands-on activity stations to explain oral health to children,” she said.

In February, Dabas was invited to sit on the Learner Experience Task Force as a representative for dental students at the School. The Task Force was created by Schulich Medicine faculty and students to address learner feedback and concerns.

“The Task Force focuses on making sure that students have an avenue to share instances that may have happened in a safe environment,” she said. “It’s important to show that a viable outcome can be established.”

During the past four years, Dabas created lasting friendships, enjoyed a whole host of experiences that have helped her grow personally and professionally, enriched the community and student experience of her alma mater and developed the skills she needs to pursue a career as a dentist.

On June 20, Dabas will be one of 76 students graduating from the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry as the Dentistry Class of 2019.

She will be walking across the Convocation stage to receive her lilac hood with a great sense of pride and accomplishment. “Although my journey started when I was quite young, the real phase begins now,” she said.

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry congratulates Pari and the entire Dentistry Class of 2019 on their incredible achievements during the past four years and on their graduation.