Announcement: Successful results from the Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP)

Congratulations to all the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry undergraduate and graduate programs on their successful results from the Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP) in 2018. This review is undertaken once every seven years and is completed by the Quality Assurance Council of Ontario.

In total, 14 programs at the School were reviewed and each one received a Good Quality outcome, or a Good Quality with Report. The results indicate that the programs have sound pedagogical practices and that learning is provided by enthusiastic and engaged faculty. 

The programs reviewed during the 2017/18 academic year include:

  • Anatomy and Cell Biology – undergraduate and graduate;
  • Biochemistry – undergraduate and graduate;
  • Schulich Dentistry – Doctor Dental Surgery Program;
  • Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences – undergraduate;
  • Medical Biophysics – undergraduate and graduate;
  • Microbiology and Immunology – undergraduate and graduate;
  • Pathology and Laboratory Medicine – undergraduate;
  • Pathology Assistant’s Program – graduate;
  • Physiology and Pharmacology – undergraduate and graduate.