Funding Announcement: Researchers awarded more than $11 million in CIHR funding 

From using CRISPR to alter the gut microbiome to looking at how the brain rewires itself in deafness, researchers at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry are the recipients of $11.3 million in project and bridge grant funding announced by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) this week.

There were a total of 17 funded projects across the School and Lawson Health Research Institute.

“This funding means everything to the success of our project,” said Dr. Walter Siqueira whose funded project is looking for novel ways to prevent and treat cavities using nanotechnology. “Being awarded this funding from CIHR is a big achievement for our group.”

These funds will aid researchers in continuing their work in exploring emerging questions in human health. 

“The new grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research reflect the quality and the importance of the research that is being undertaken within our School,” said David Litchfield, Vice Dean of Research and Innovation at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry. “In addition to enabling new discoveries, this funding will promote advanced training for our next generation of scientists and health care professionals.”

Congratulations to each of the recipients and their teams:

Greta Bauer and Ayden Scheim
Co-applicants: Fin Gareau, Randy Jackson, Kelendria Nation, Renee Masching, Jake Pyne, Catherine G Taylor,  Adrian E Edgar, Tatiana B Ferguson, Nathan J Lachowsky,  Robb Travers,  Jaimie Veale, Dominic Beaulieu‐Prévost, Todd Coleman, Yasmeen Persad,  Nik Redman. 

Trans PULSE Canada: A National Study of Transgender Health

Maria Drangova
Co-applicants: David H Birnie,  Vladimir Hachinski,  Jeff S Healey,  Junmin Liu,  Allan C Skanes,  Luciano A Sposato.

Characterizing cerebral thrombus composition with Phase‐based MRI

David Edgell, Bogumil Karas, and Gregory Gloor
Co-applicants: David E Heinrichs.

ConCRISPR: Conjugative delivery of a hybrid CRISPR/Tev nuclease system for specific microbiota modulation in the mammalian gut

Jason Gilliland 
Co-applicants: Saverio Stranges, Bonnie Simpson, Sean Doherty, Jamie Seabrook, Leia Minaker, Piotr Wilk, Jess Haines, Colleen O'Connor, Kambiz Norozi, 

Evaluation of a Smartphone Based Intervention for Improving Food Literacy, Food Purchasing, and Diet Quality Among Youth in Urban, Suburban, and Rural  Environments

Douglas Hamilton 
Co-applicants: Les Kalman, Mark Darling, Amin Rizkalla

Novel Biomaterials‐Based Strategies to Stimulate Periodontal Tissue Regeneration

David Haniford
Regulation of Salmonella pathogenesis by transposon‐encoded small regulatory RNAs 

Steven Laviolette
Effects of Neurodevelopmental Exposure to Cannabinoids on Prefrontal Cortical Function:  Implications for Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Stephen Lomber
Co-applicants: Blake Butler, Ravi Menon

Cortical Plasticity Following Deafness 

Vania Prado

Cholinergic influence in aging and brain pathology

Graham Reid and William Gardner
Co-applicants: Evelyn Vingilis, Kathleen Pajer, Jennifer Rayner, Jason Gilliland, Katholiki Georgiades, John Cairney, Judith Brown, Michael Boyle, Laura Duncan, Paul Kurdyak

Equity in Mental Health Care for Children and Youth

Jason Roberts
Co-applicants: Andrew Krahn

The Role of Electrophysiology Testing in Survivors of Unexplained Cardiac Arrest: The EPS ARREST Study

Walter Siqueira and Elizabeth Gillies

Novel Drug Delivery System for the Combat of Dental Caries by using Salivary Peptides

Kathy Speechley and Karen Bax
Co-applicants: Mary Secco,  Klajdi Puka,  Simon Levin,  Asuri Prasad,  Guangyong Zou,

A Community-Based Family Treatment Program for Children with Epilepsy: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Andrew Watson
Co-applicants: Dean Betts, Basim Abu Rafea,  Francis Tekpetey, 

Understanding and Treating Obesity Related loss of Embryo Developmental Competence

Donald Welsh
Co-applicants: Robert Bartha, Murray Huff

Kir Channel Regulation by Membrane Lipids:  An Enabler of Hemodynamic Sensing in the Cerebral Circulation


Projects funded through Lawson Health Research Institute:

Ting-Yim Lee 
Co-applicants: Rodrigo Bagur, Gerald Wisenberg, Shawn Whitehead, Nikolaos Tzemos, Marat Slessarev, Justin Hicks, Michael Kovacs, Ahmed Hegazy.

Selective Brain Hypothermia via Intranasal Cooling to Limit Brain Injury Post Cardiac Arrest

Emil Schemitsch
Co-applicants:  Pierre Guy, David Wasserstein, Aileen Davis, Jeremy Hall, Jeffrey Hoch, Aaron Nauth, Brad Petrisor, Bill Ristevski, David Sanders, Gerard Slobogean, Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai, George Athwal, Abdel-Rahman Lawendy, Michael Mckee, Dorcas Beaton, Lauren Nowak, Patrick Henry, Gerald Lebovic, Mohit Bhandari.

The DECIPHER Study: DEterminants of Function and Clinically Important outcomes in Proximal Humerus Fractures in the Elder Population: A National CohoRt


Project funded through the Faculty of Science at Western:

Joern Diedrichsen

Characterizing the functional organization of the human cerebellum and cerebrocerebellar communication