Announcement: Second iteration of CaRMS results released

The second iteration of the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) process was released on April 11.

More than 97 per cent of Schulich Medicine students have matched to a postgraduate residency training program after the two iterations. This year, the majority of Schulich Medicine students matched to family medicine programs.

Additionally, all Schulich Medicine postgraduate medical education programs have filled their positions.

Four Schulich Medicine students who chose to pursue the second iteration of the match remain unmatched. The School, including the Undergraduate Medical Education Program and the Learner Equity & Wellness Office, will be working very closely with these students and providing them with the supports they need at this time, as well as assisting them with their future planning.

Unmatched students at Schulich Medicine do have an option to pursue a fifth year. The formal year-long course involves clinical and non-clinical learning and is overseen by a Course Chair who provides support and guidance to students throughout the full year. The fifth-year course at the School has been in existence for five years and has proven to be effective in supporting students to achieve their medical career goals.